Knox, Bill (1928-1999)

The Bill Knox collection includes manuscripts, printed materials, diaries and address books, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short stories, articles, and more, many of which appear under the pseudonyms Robert MacLeod, Michael Kirk, and Noah Webster. Manuscripts are primarily typescript with holograph corrections.

Collected novel manuscripts include The Cave of Bats, Justice on the Rocks, Isle of Dragons, Deep Fall, Leave It to the Hangman, Death Calls the Shots, Drum of Power, The Man in the Bottle, Devil Weed, The Ghost Car, Death Department, Life Begins at Midnight, Blacklight, Figurehead, The Tallyman, Blueback, Dance of Eagles, Who Shot the Bull?, Fireship, The Klondyker, Path of Ghosts, Poor Marquis, A Property in Cyprus, Seafire, All Other Pencils, Ready to Kill, White Water, Hellspout, Dragonship, Pilot Error, Witchrock, A Pay-off in Switzerland, Salvage Deal, An Incident in Iceland, Live Bait, Cargo Risk, A Killing in Antiques, The Crossfire Killings, The Hanging Tree, A Legacy from Tenerife, A Problem in Prague, Wavecrest, Dead Man’s Mooring, and A Flight from Paris.

Collected short story manuscripts include “The Key,” “Who Killed Mousey Maxwell?,” “The Man with the Tidy Mind,” “Sydney and the Dog Club,” “The Boss,” “The Big Bang,” and “My Aunt Emma.”

Collected article manuscripts include “Queen Mother,” “High Living,” “The Other Flora,” “Postmark Duffton,” “The Pixie Had a Jemmy,” “The Kindly Lights,” “The Service Flat,” “Special Blend,” “The Alibi Man,” “Chain of Death,” “The Rebels,” and “A Meal to Remember.”

Additional manuscript items include radio scripts (“Leave It to the Hangman,” “The Great Bluff,” and “To Kill a Witch”); television scripts (“Between the Lines,” “Company of Adventures,” “The Argyll Rainbow,” “Along the Forth,” and “The Lost Glory”); and non-fiction (Court of Murder). Scripts for “Inside America with Bill Knox” (television series) may be of particular interest. Three pads filled with Knox’s holograph shorthand are present, as well.

Printed materials in the collection consist of assorted clippings and tearsheets from Scottish newspapers; galley proofs for Cave of Bats and Iron Sanctuary; and Italian editions of The Tallyman and Justice on the Rocks.

The collection includes desk and planner diaries, as well as address books, maintained by Knox in 1969. Also present are appointment books (1975-77).

Other items in the collection include correspondence; assorted photographs; road maps; and Knox’s driver’s license and birth certificate. Research materials pertaining to a report of the Chief Constable of the Strathclyde Police may be of particular interest.

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1. Knox, Bill, 1928-1999
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