Koch, Claude (1918-2000)

The Claude Koch collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, diaries and journals, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short stories, reviews, plays, essays, and talks given by Koch.

Collected novel manuscripts include The Thefters, A Casual Company, and Light in Silence.

Collected short story manuscripts include “A Matter of Family,” “Persistence of Memory,” “Holy Soles,” “Look Up! Look Up!,” “Artist at Work,” “You Taught Us Good,” “The Things of Spring,” “Blainey,” “Shoestring,” “Winter Term,” “Certain Conclusions,” and “Snowshoe,” among others.

Additional manuscript items include “A Review of William Golding’s The Scorpion God”; Unhurrying Chase (A Ghost Story in Three Acts); and “The Anatomy of Romeo and Juliet” (talk).

Correspondence in the collection dates primarily between 1948 and 1968 and documents Koch’s exchanges with publishers and friends. Notables include Diarmuid Russell (agent), Andrew Lytle, Henri Peyre, and Allen Tate.

Koch’s personal memorabilia consists of awards and certificates from The Authors Guild (1959); Lambda Iota Tau Society (1964); and Outstanding Educators of America (1972). Of note is Koch’s Certificate of Tenure from La Salle College (1956).

Printed materials (1965-72) include newsclippings, pamphlets, a brochure, and a newsletter. An issue of Four Quarters, Summer 1973 in which Koch’s work is featured may be of particular interest.

The collection also includes Koch’s monthly journals, alongside an appointment book containing notes, sketches, and poetry.

Other items in the collection include “Samantha Omnibus” (a short story by Michael Koch); assorted contracts (1957-64); and audio tapes of Koch’s talk on writing at Jenkintown High School and an interview for the La Salle College Yearbook.

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