Kuhner, Herbert (1935- )

The Herbert Kuhner collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, and audio materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for short stories, poems, plays, articles, and a novel.

Collected short story manuscripts include “A Basket of Apples,” “The Defacers,” “Frau Frick,” “Husband and Wife,” “Reception,” “Us,” “Wenton,” “A Day in the Park,” “The Pigeons,” and “Topical,” among many others.

Collected poem manuscripts include titles such as “After it was Over,” “The Dance,” “Death of a Friend,” “Two Hammers,” “Off the Rock,” “Lucifer’s Gallery,” “The Phalanx,” “Summer in Supermart,” “The Battle of Zoppat,” “Lady Helena,” “The Bride of Frankenstein,” “At Home,” “Bush and the Advisor in the Sky,” and “”The Big Easy Goes Under.”

Collected play scripts include A Basket of Apples, Us, and Husband and Wife.    

Collected article manuscripts “Consoling Art Dealers and Consumers,” “Violence in the Arts: The Confirmation,” and “Violence Under the Guise of Art, or: Third Reich Recycling.”

The manuscript for a novel, Nixe (Funk and Wagnalls, 1968), is also present.

Correspondence in the collection includes Kuhner’s exchanges with Emile Capouya, Andreas Molzer, and Carl McCollum.

The collection’s printed materials consist of reviews of Nixe and Kuhner’s contributions to The Literary Bulletin, Hornbook, Secretariat News, Gericht, and Index of Censorship. The collection also includes issues of Impulse, Intergratio, Literature und Kritik, Neuw Wege, and others that contain items composed or translated by Kuhner. Additional materials are constituted by items regarding Kuhner’s relationship to Austrian literary authorities; items regarding Kuhner’s associations with Cross Cultural Communications; and “Art, Religion and Revisionism,” “George W. and the Advisor in the Sky,” and “Adolf Hitler Comes to Terms” (articles).

Also included in the collection are two audio tapes, containing a recording of “The Man Who Loved Trains” (a radio play by Kuhner) and poems from “Incubus” (read by Kuhner at WBAI-FM).  

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