Lacy, Ed [Leonard Zinberg] (1911-1968)
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The Ed Lacy collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, legal material, and financial material. The collection includes manuscripts for full-length works, short stories, and teleplays. Collected full-length manuscripts include The Bloody Garden of Allah (Harlem Underground), The Dream Busters, Time Running In, The Hotel Dwellers, and Finders – Killers

Collected short story manuscripts include “Kaleidoscope,” “Last Recourse,” “Verdict,” “Stella By Starlight,” “The Hot Strike,” “The Caged Wife,” “You Still Like Murder,” “The Decision Terrible,” and “G-String Alibi,” among others.  

Collected teleplays include “The Unarmed Sniper,” “The Men from the Boys,” “The Gentle Bullet,” and “The Night Between Us.” 

Several novel synopses and outlines are also present, such as “The Body Guard,” “The Haunch and the Hump,” and “This Will be a novel about miscegenation.” 

Correspondence in the collection is largely professional, chronicling various contract agreements and exchanges with publications, publishers, and Richard Steele and Son (European agent). Notables include Lloyd Bridges and Martin Melcher. 

Printed material primarily consists of short stories that appeared in publications such as Manhunt and American Writer Pamphlet; titles include “Blood Won’t Wash Out,” “The Devil in Black Lace,” “Hard-Nose Bull,” “The Liar and the Loot,” “No Luck for a Sucker,” “Stickler for Details,” and “Frozen Custard Caper,” among others. Lacy maintained a collection of legal materials and related correspondence for nearly all of his published titles (1955-66), many of which are included here. Materials pertain to works such as Pity the Honest, Bugged for Murder, The Men from the Boys, The Free Loaders, and Enter Without Desire

Also present are assorted copyright certificates. 

A comprehensive set of royalty statements accompany Lacy’s collected legal materials.
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