Levitan, Dick (1933-1991)

The Dick Levitan collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed items, audio materials, and photographs.

The collection includes the manuscript for See Parris and Die: Brutality in the U.S. Marines (by Levitan and H. Paul Sheffers; Hawthorn, 1970), as well as transcripts from interviews with Panamanian President Chiari and Carl Davis of the U.S. Embassy in Panama. Relevant wire-service dispatches are present, as well.

Collected correspondence consists of principally professional content (1964-69). Notables include Lyndon B. Johnson, John Volpe, and Henry Cabot Lodge.

Printed items in the collection include two stories by Levitan, as well as a number of publicity items (1961-71). An interview with Albert DeSalvo may be of particular interest.

Audio materials are collected largely on reel-to-reel tapes and document a number of news stories and documentary items between 1958 and 1971. Items of note include Winston Churchill’s funeral (1965); the Strangler Arrest (Albert DeSalvo, 1966); and President Kennedy’s Berlin speech. Phonograph records of “The Assassination of a President” and “Strangler in the Night” are present, as well.

Collected photographs capture Levitan covering news stories and relaxing with friends (1957-70).

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