Levitt, Saul (1911-1977)

The Saul Levitt collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and miscellaneous items.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short stories, non-fiction, poetry, plays, film, and television. Manuscripts are frequently collected in multiple drafts and marked with holograph corrections.

Collected novel manuscripts include American War Dance, The Shore and Prohibition, The Sun is Silent, and an untitled “pre-war” novel (likely an initial attempt at The Sun is Silent).

Collected short story manuscripts include “American War Dance,” “Blind Man’s Bluff,” “Charley Tunes In,” “Edith, Edy For Short,” “Ex-Champion of the World,” “The Fixers,” “Freedman on a Tuesday Afternoon,” “Good Old Max,” “The Last Boarder,” “The Lure,” “The Playground,” “Present from St. Nick,” “The Robbery,” “The Solid Earth,” “Who Is Lost?”, “You Know How It Is,” and a number of untitled stories.

Collected non-fiction manuscripts include “Bazooka Boogie,” “Interim Inventory,” “Lake George: ‘The American Como,’” “Mrs. Brini’s Star Boarder, Bartolo,” “”The Payoff,” “Standard Oil Company of N.J.,” “Taking of St. Lo and Prisoners,” “With the 6th Armored Division,” and an untitled item. Also present are a number of book reviews composed by Levitt for works by Robert Graves, J. Bigelow Clark, Lajos Zilahy, Keith Wheeler, and others.

Collected poetry manuscripts include “The Armada Comes Again,” “Cremation,” “Honorable Discharge,” and a series of untitled drafts and fragments.

Collected play scripts include The Andersonville Trial, Bootleg Triangle, The Entrance Requirements, Lincoln, Speculations Concerning the Disappearance of Ambrose Bierce, The Trial of the Catonsville Nine, and A Trip to Buffalo.

Collected screenplays and film treatments include “American Airlines,” “American Society of Agricultural Engineers,” “American Women’s College (Bennington College),” “And Nothing But the Truth,” “The Angle Levine,” “Big Fish,” “Big Train,” “A Covenant With Death,” “The Empty Trap,” “Follow the Green Light,” “The Good Guys and the Bad Guys,” “I Cover Times Square,” “The Major and the Private,” “Milk for Boston,” “Next Block,” “New York Central Railroad,” “Pan American World Airways,” “The Ravenswood Story,” “The Rock and Roll Doll,” “Turn On,” and “The War Lover,” among others. Materials pertaining to United Nations films may be of particular interest.

Collected television outlines and treatments include “The Bear Business,” “Bierce,” “Big Fish,” “Boomerang,” “The Chosen Country,” “College Behind Bars,” “Dead Dogs Tell No Tales,” “Heat Wave,” “Late in the Game,” “The Modern Mercenary Soldier,” and “The Subpoena,” among others. Collected television scripts include “The Accident,” “The Andersonville Trial,” “A Border Incident,” “Bronx Story,” “Floating Opera,” “Ivanhoe,” “The Last Frontier,” “The Scientist,” “The School Mistress,” and more.  A number of research materials pertaining to outlines, treatments, and scripts for “The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald,” are present, as well.

Additional manuscript items include miscellaneous notes, fragments, story ideas, and outlines—most of which are unsorted and untitled.

Correspondence collected between 1949 and 1977 consists of letters, telegrams, Christmas cards, postcards, and memos. Notables include Abe Burrows, Harold Clurman, Lamont Johnson, Garson Kanin, Sol and Frances Heflin Kaplan, Joshua Logan, John D. MacDonald, Marie Susette Sandoz, Donald Siegel, and Leah Levitt (mother).

Printed materials are constituted by articles, book reviews, and short stories. Book reviews evaluate works such as Lajos Zilahy’s The Dukays, Saul K. Padover’s Experiment in Germany, and Ann Petry’s The Street. The collected short stories document Levitt’s contributions to publications including The Atlantic, New Masses, The American Mercury, Cosmopolitan, Partisan Review & Anvil, The Contemporary Reader, Jewish Life, The Midland, and Harper’s.

Collected miscellany includes two black and white photographs; a 1976 calendar; and a bulletin board.

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