Lindfors, Viveca (1920-1995)
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The Viveca Lindfors collection contains extensive material related to the actress's career and life. Included are manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, professional material, research material, legal material, financial material, films and videos, audio recordings, photographs, diaries and journals, notebooks and other miscellaneous material. Material is grouped together both by type and by the film or play that it is related to. Material ranges from the 1940s to the 1990s. Works that are prominent in the collection include Anna, I Am A Woman, Three Boards and a Passion, In Search of Strindberg, and Unfinished Business.

Manuscripts in the Viveca Lindfors collection contain notes on different scripts and productions, film scripts, stage plays, articles, drafts of an autobiography, and documentation of various projects. A vast majority of the collection are scripts for both plays and film and television productions, including first drafts, later drafts and completed versions of productions such as Unfinished Business, I Clara, I Am A Woman, Anna, I Want I Want, among others. Manuscripts are both in English and Swedish. Lesser known Swedish film and play manuscripts are also included, along with corresponding photos and public relations material from Sweden.

Other manuscripts collected include various drafts of stage plays, an extensive collection of sheet music used in the theater, and publicity articles on Lindfors' productions and Hollywood career. There are several notebooks and folders documenting various projects that Lindfors was working on, most prominently those listed above. Amongst the manuscripts there are also several drafts of an autobiography Lindfors was writing. Poetry that Lindfors either wrote or collected is also available. Handwritten music notes and personal notes are also included.

Correspondence in the collection is extensive, and dates from 1974 to 1980. Included are letters to George Tabori and Harold Taylor; and correspondence for several films and plays including Anna (both film and theater), Viveka….Viveca and In Search of Strindberg. Letters revolve around production personnel, contracts, and grant proposals. Later letters are dated from 1983-1992. Personal letters include letters to daughter Lena Tabori and son Chris Tabori in 1963.

Printed material almost exclusively contains publicity and advertising material. Included are publicity master packs for Anna, Blue Hour, I Want I Want, Patterns, and Unfinished Business, among others. Press kits based on the master packs that were to be mailed out for publicity are also included. General promotional material for Lindfors, publicity newsletters and articles, and reviews on her performances are present. Publicity packs and items are not only from the United States but also from Europe and Sweden. Many programs for plays are also contained in the collection, as well as a press book dated 1965-1975.

Professional material includes applications for grants; rehearsal schedules; contact sheets; various contracts with theaters and designers; production notes; film proposals; theater logs; to do lists; film synopsis; stage manager notebooks; casting lists; and rehearsal logs and scripts. Lighting instructions, technical requirements and prop lists have also been gathered. Many of these relate to the film Anna and are dated 1988-1991. There is also a log of Lindfors' various projects and films dated 1991. Teaching files and notes from New York University and a catalog of her time teaching at the School of Visual Arts in New York (1995-1996) are also available. Interview questions regarding her Viveka…Viveca book and corresponding film are included.

Legal materials mainly include film and stage contracts, dated 1975-1982. Management contracts, copyright applications, a contract with CBC television and the legal rights to various scripts are also included.

Financial materials include grant applications, budgets, financial donors, and royalties tied to various movies and plays.

Film and video recordings include film reels, outtakes, tests and recordings of Anna, Unfinished Business, Trojan Women, and others, as well as several unlabeled VHS tapes.

Audio includes numerous cassettes, mostly of read-throughs and dialogue from films and plays -- most prominently for Anna, Unfinished Business, and I Am A Woman.  Also included are recordings of background music and several interviews with Lindfors.

Photographs collected are mainly promotional photos for the various films and plays Lindfors starred in, including I Am A Woman, My Mother My Son, Creepshow, Last Summer in the Hamptons, Unfinished Business, and others. Several head shots and glamor shots are present in the collection. Other photos include Christmas and family photos, as well as photographs and slides of friends. There are some photos that Lindfors used to respond to fan mail. Overall, the photos were taken in Hollywood, New York, and Sweden and date from the 1940s through the 1980s.

Diaries included in the collection date from 1960s to 1980s.
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