Liss, Joseph (1911-1988)

The Joseph Liss collection contains manuscripts, printed material, and correspondence, among other materials.

Manuscripts include screen adaptations; television, radio and film scripts; stage plays; articles, and other works. Screen adaptations include “A Cause For Suspicion,” “Berkeley Square” (1949), “Medical Meeting” (1949), “Moment of Truth” (1949), “Rangoon Run” (1952), “Strait and Narrow” (1951), “Tempest on Tick Creek” (1952), “The Dybbuk,” “The End Is Known” (1950), “The Floor of Heaven” (1950), “The Inner Light,” “The Last Tycoon,” “The Old Foolishness” (1951), “The Outward Room” (1949), “The Scarlet Letter,” “The Second Oldest Profession” (1950), “The Silent Partner,” “The Spur” (1951),  “The Strange Christmas Dinner” (1949), “The Sudden Guest,” “Touch of a Stranger” (1950), and “Waterfront Boss” (1952).

Television scripts written by Liss include “Office Window,” “Portrait of an American Winter” (1956), “Salute to Veteran’s Day” (1965), “The Golden Mouth,” “The Great Escape” (1951), “The Inward Horizon” (1954), “The Margaret Bourke-White Story”  (1960), “The Reluctant Landlord” (1950), “The Sailing of the Pilgrims” (1947), “The World of Benny Goodman” (1963), “The World of Jacqueline Kennedy” (1962), “The World of Maurice Chevalier” (1963), and “Wayfarer on the Mississippi” (1965).

Television scripts include  “A Witch Trial in Salem” (1962), “A Woman’s Story: A Visit With Some Great American Woman” (1957), “Bulletin 120,” “Concerning Fanny Kemble” (1965), “Dr Webb of Horseshoe Bend,” “Eden Island,” “Horse No One Can Ride” (1955), “Lincoln Center Day” (1964), “Man in the House,” “Melancholy Hero” “Mist on the Waters” (1949), “Murder Inc.” (1954), “Rumpelstiltskin,” “Semmelweis” (1950), “Surprise”  (1949), “Talent for Living,” “The American Road” (1953), “The Big Catch,” “The Body in the Antebellum House,” “The Doodlebrain” (1955), “The Dybbuk,” “The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots” (1949), “The Father” (1957), “The Finger of God” (1950), “The Fog,” “The Gingerbread Man,” “The Golden Door (The Wetback Story)” (1954), “The Horse Nobody can Ride,” “The Lady From Brooklyn,” “The Massey Introduction for the Picture,” “The Obsession of Mr. Skaggs,” “The O’Neills,” “The Sword,” “The Trial of Marie Antoinette” (1948), “The World of Bob Hope” (1961), “The World of Sophia Loren,”  and “Toussaint L’Ouverture Liberates Haiti” (1948), among others.

Radio scripts include “Marquis de Lafayette” (1940), and “The Great Plains” (1943), as well scripts for “Age of the Dinosaur,” “Angry Air,” “Bats – The Flying Hands,” “Face of the Land,” “Evolution,” “Land Beneath the Waters,” “The Creatures of the Sea,” “The Currents of the Sea,” and “World We Live In”, all dated 1954. Also included are the scripts for “The Human Adventure,” “We Care,” “Warriors of Peace,” “The Eternal Light,” and the “Report to the Nation” radio series.

Film scripts include “Amiable Lady” (1952), “Black Forest,” “Don Pedro Juarez,” “Science and Human Freedom,” “The Boat,” “The He and She of It,” “The Torrents of Spring,” “To Be Somebody,” “Torch in the Moonshine,” and “The Touch of Desire – The Story of Louis Braille” (1955).

Stage plays include “Eden Island,” “It’s an Old Story With Stars,” “Parade, A Satirical Revue,” “The Silent Partner,” “Time is a Kind Friend” (1944), and “Tunnel’s End” (1938), among others.

Articles for the The New York Times date from 1962 to 1964. Synopses of Scandinavian plays (English translations) and miscellaneous plays, director’s scripts and outlines for plays, poems and reports, as well as a draft of the novel And That’s the He and the She of It, are also included. 

Printed material includes pamphlets and articles about environmental issues, as well as sheet music and vocal scores.

Correspondence includes professional telegrams regarding his plays, as well as personal telegrams, dating from 1948 to 1964.

Memorabilia includes college notes and papers, as well as course papers regarding theater.

Several photographs, personal tape recordings, scrapbooks, and some research material are also included.


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