Little, Stuart W. (1921-2008)

The Stuart W. Little collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, research material, correspondence, and legal material.

Manuscripts include typescript drafts of Little’s books The Playmakers (1970), Off Broadway (1972), and Enter Joseph Papp (1974). Articles written by Little in the 1960s and 1970s and published in magazines such as Saturday Review, Promenade Magazine, Report from America, Variety, Off-Broadway, and Harper’s Magazine are also included, as well as unpublished articles, among other materials.

Printed material include proposals for unpublished books from 1962, transcripts from panels in 1975 regarding topics such as theater, urban environment, philosophy, corporate support for theater, and innovations in marketing, among other topics. Also included are promotional materials and reviews of Little’s books.

Research material includes notes and research for his books The Playmakers (1970), Off Broadway (1972), and Enter Joseph Papp (1974), and notes for articles about theater. Also included are research materials for a book about Stella Adler’s acting technique, including interview transcripts with Adler, among other materials.

Correspondence includes letters regarding The Grandparent’s Book (1988), with notable correspondents including Erma Bombeck, Jesse Helms, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Legal material includes documents about a lease from 1983 to 1986, promissory notes from 1986, and cancelled checks.

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1. Little, Stuart W.
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