Longstreet, Stephen (1907-2002)
The Stephen Longstreet collection includes manuscripts, artwork, correspondence, and printed materials, among other materials.

Manuscripts include screenplays for "Uncle Harry" (1945); "Silver River" (1947); "Houdini" (1950); and "The Gay Sisters" (1942), a screenplay by Lenore Coffee based on the book by Longstreet, and includes still pictures from the movie. Collected drafts of novels by Longstreet include Remember William Kite (1964); Senator Silverthorn (1968); Pedlock and Sons; The Wilder Shore: A History of San Francisco; and Kitty Hawk (unpublished). The collection also includes the original name sheets for characters for the novels Geisha; A Few Painted Feathers; and The Nylon Island; as well as Paul Whiteman’s notes on Longstreet’s life for his autobiography which never published.  

The collection’s artwork, ranging approximately from 1927 to 1939, includes sketches, arranged by Longstreet into four folders titled "The Human Comedy;" "World War II Drawings;" "Jazz Drawings;" and "Public Faces." The latter folder contains sketches, in watercolor and ink, of Mickey Rooney; Henry Ford; Dorothy Thompson; Adolf Hitler; Mahatma Gandhi; James Joyce; T.S. Eliot; Picasso; Charlie Chaplin; Leon Trotsky; and Gertrude Stein.

Additional watercolor paintings include "Ezra Pound" (1927); "Hemingway Writing" (1929); "George Grosz" (1937); "William Faulkner in his office" (1944); "Old Testament" (1948); "Dreams of Childhood" (1968), the original drawing from The Wilder Shore; "Summer Atlantic City;" "Buckingham Palace;" "Boys Make Music New Orleans;" and "Roots of Jazz."

The collection’s correspondence dating from 1941 to 1967 includes typescript letters from H. Caroll Parish inviting Longstreet to give his lecture at the University of Southern California; Henry Blanke; Kenneth Ross; and Elizabeth T. Winckler. Handcolored postcards from a series issued "Jazz A-Z: A Graphic Dictionary" constitute additional correspondence.

Printed materials in the collection include articles by Longstreet and reviews published by various sources. Includes German reviews of Longstreet’s books published in Germany, including Die Heiligen Und Ihr Traum (1967), a Mormon novel published only in Germany; announcements of lectures by Longstreet; articles "My Friend, William Faulkner;" "Lawyers, Progress, and Our Law Courts;" "A Well Known Horse Woman," commissioned and rejected by Beverly Hills Riding Club. Also of notable importance is a program of the first playing of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.

The collection’s printed materials also include galley proofs of novels by Longstreet such as The Dance in Art (1968); Gettysburg; The Flesh Pedlers; and The Young Men of Paris.

Other notable items in the collection include two awards: Best Musical Billboard Award for High Button Shoes; and War Activities Committee Motion Pictures Industry Award; photos from the original Broadway production of High Button Shoes; and one tape recording of a lecture by Longstreet in Los Angeles (1962).
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