Loring, Emilie (1866-1951)
The Emilie Loring collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, professional materials, photographs, and printed materials.

Assorted manuscripts include books, short-stories, non-fiction, interviews, and speeches by Loring. The collection features drafts of books entitled When Hearts Are Light Again (1943); Beyond the Sound of Guns (1945); Beckoning Trails (1947); To Love and To Honor (1950); For All Your Life (1952); The Shadow of Suspicion (1955); Behind the Cloud; The Best is Yet to Be; For Better or For Worse; How Can the Heart Forget; and The Solitary Horseman.

Collected short-stories include, but are not limited to, "Across the Court;" "Converting Phyllis;" "Freedom for Two;" "Gold Chains;" "The Limousine Lady;" "The Topaz Ring;" and "With Intent to Sell."

Non-fiction works include A Clean Slate; The Fountain of Youth; How to Begin; To the Editor; and additional texts.

Other manuscript material includes radio talks and interviews from 1934 to 1949; and speeches and lectures from the 1940s, both with related correspondence.

Correspondence consists of business letters from 1923 to 1946, as well as fan mail dating from 1941 to 1986.

Professional materials include contracts signed by Loring. Post-1951 contracts include letters of agreement with Elinore Denniston. Other items include short-story and royalty records.

Photographs are comprised of black and white prints of Loring, including some of her as a small child.

Printed materials regard Loring’s stories printed in various publications such as Woman’s Weekly, Chicago Sunday Tribune, and People’s Home Journal. Series also includes book reviews and publicity items regarding Loring’s work and personal life from 1891 to 1970.
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1. Loring, Emilie Baker
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