Lucas, Craig (1943- )
The Craig Lucas collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, research material, printed materials, personal memorabilia, photographs, professional material, audio and visual materials, as well as legal and financial materials.

The collection’s manuscripts include play scripts, screenplays, and essays by Lucas. Drafts of plays include Blue Window (1984); Credo (2003); Mary Me a Little; Orpheus in Love (1992); Reckless (2004); Savage Light (1996, never staged); The Singing Forest (1999); and many more. Screenplays include "Longtime Companion" (1988); "The Man who Fell In Love with the Moon" (2000); "Saint Maybe" (1994); and "The Secret Lives of Dentists" (1990). Essays include "AIDS Theater Project;" "Equality in Theater" (1996); "Multiple Loss;" and "Queer Studies" (1999); among others.

Collected correspondence dates from approximately to 1984 to 2002 and includes both emails and letters. Notables include Alec Baldwin, Deb Eisenberg, Lesley Kushner, David Mamet, Mary-Louise Parker, and Stephen Sondheim.

Research material includes Lucas’ notes on interviews with Edward Albee and Deborah Eisenberg in 1992 and 1989, respectively.

The collection’s printed materials include reviews regarding Longtime Companion (1990), and Prelude to a Kiss (1992); various internet and newspaper articles regarding Lucas and his family; and programs to several plays, musicals, and award ceremonies.

Personal memorabilia includes diploma for Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University (1973); a National Merit Scholarship award; certificates regarding various plays, academic scholarships, and contest winnings; childhood writings; childhood artwork; and school projects.

Other items include professional materials regarding film adaptations of Prelude to a Kiss and The Secret Lives of Dentists; black and white photographs regarding Lucas’ friends, family, and childhood; compact disks containing manuscripts and diaries; some cassette tapes; financial materials regarding Orpheus in Love and Prelude to a Kiss; and legal materials including various contracts, medical records, and Lucas’ last Will and Testament (1991).
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