MacLeod, Charlotte (1922-2005)
The Charlotte MacLeod collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, diaries; artwork; and other items.

Manuscripts by MacLeod in the collection include novels, children’s books, poems, and other writings. Many of the mystery novels were published under various pseudonyms. Along with variant drafts, there are proofs, setting copies, and galley pages.

Mystery novels by MacLeod in the collection include The Food of Love (Avalon, 1965); Ask Me No Questions (MacRae Smith Co., 1971); Rest You Merry (Doubleday, 1978); The Family Vault (Doubleday, 1979); The Luck Runs Out (Doubleday, 1979); A Pint of Horror (Doubleday, 1980); The Withdrawing Room (Doubleday, 1980); The Grub-And-Stakers Move a Mountain (Doubleday, 1981); The Palace Guard (Doubleday, 1981); The Grub-And-Stakers Quilt a Bee (Doubleday, 1981); Cirak’s Daughter (Atheneum, 1982); Wrack and Rune (Doubleday, 1982); Murder Goes Mumming (Doubleday, 1982); The Bilbao Looking Glass (Doubleday, 1983); Something the Cat Dragged In (Doubleday, 1983); The Terrible Tide (Doubleday, 1983); The Convivial Codfish (Doubleday, 1984); Maid of Honor (Atheneum, 1984); The Curse of the Giant Hogweed (Doubleday, 1985); The Plain Old Man (Doubleday, 1985); The Silver Ghost (Mysterious Press, 1988); Vane Pursuit (Mysterious Press, 1989); An Owl Too Many (Mysterious Press, 1991); The Resurrection Man (Mysterious Press, 1992); The Wrong Rite (Morrow, 1992); The Grub-And-Stakers House a Haunt (Morrow, 1993); Something in the Water (Mysterious Press, 1994); and fragments for various novels, some unidentified.

Children’s books by MacLeod include King Devil (Atheneum, 1978) and We Dare Not Go A-Hunting (Athemeum, 1979).

Other manuscripts by MacLeod include Astrology for Skeptics (MacMillan, 1972); Alchemy: A New Look at Some Old Ideas (unpublished); An Introduction to Handwriting Analysis (unpublished); various how-to manuals, written with Grace Desjardin; Christmas Stalkings (Mysterious Press, 1991), an anthology edited by MacLeod; Had She But Known: A Biography of Mary Roberts Rinehart (Mysterious Press, 1994); “Joyful Noise,” a short manuscript about Christian hymns; over one dozen short stories and poems by MacLeod; and a notebook of poetry and other pieces, dated ca. 1946-1950. Also present is a Master’s thesis on MacLeod, written by Sandra Price, for Emerson College (1985).

Correspondence in the collection consists of both personal and professional letters. Personal letters in the collection date from 1974 to the early 1990s, and include letters from family, friends, and fans. Professional letters in the collection consist of letters from publishers and literary agents, dating from 1965 to 1975, with some letters from 1985 and 1986; these letters also include royalty statements and contracts.

Printed material in the collection consists of reviews of MacLeod’s books, as well as many newspaper clippings and various manuals.

Diaries in the collection consist of MacLeod’s pocket diaries and date books from 1970, 1976-1978, and 1990. Also present are several calendars from the 1970s, 1983, and 1984.

Artwork in the collection includes six original illustrations done in mixed media.
There is also a seventh illustration; it is a reproduction. Two of these illustrations were made into book covers.

Other material in the collection includes a scrapbook created by MacLeod pertaining to her advertising career with Stop and Shop supermarkets; research material on John Buchan; and MacLeod’s grammar and high school diplomas.

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