Mankowitz, Wolf (1924-1998)
The Wolf Mankowitz collection consists of several screenplays by Mankowitz for various films, dating from 1954 to 1983. Several of the titles (made up of first drafts, revisions, rewrites, edits, scene rewrites, final drafts, shooting scripts, and release scripts) include correspondence regarding screen credits, censorship by British and American ratings agencies, story material, and other subjects. Notable correspondence includes letters from Richard Burton and Peter Sellers. Titles include Make Me an Offer (Dominant Pictures, 1954), Mankowitz's adaptation of his novel of the same title; A Kid for Two Farthings (United Artists, 1954); The Bespoke Overcoat (Independent Film Distributors, 1955), Mankowitz's adaptation of his own one-act play; The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (Columbia, 1960); Expresso Bongo (Continental, 1959); Waltz of the Toreadors (J. Arthur Rank / Continental, 1962); The Long and the Short and the Tall (Continental, 1960); The Day the Earth Caught Fire (British Lion Film Co., 1961); The Beauty Jungle (1963); Where the Spies Are (MGM, 1965); Life at the Top (Columbia, 1965); The 25th Hour (MGM, 1967); The Assassination Bureau (Paramount, 1969); Take a Girl Like You, originally written by Mankowitz, then rewritten by George Melly (Columbia, 1970); Bloomfield aka The Hero (20th Century Fox, 1971); Treasure Island (National General Pictures, 1972); Ghost in the Noonday Sun (Columbia, 1973; not shown until 1984); and several other projects, many of which remain unfinished or unproduced.
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