Mannin, Ethel (1900-1984)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Ethel Mannin collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed material, and photographs.

Manuscripts include those of Mannin's books, novels, short stories and poems. Also included are articles and reviews written by or about Mannin.  

Manuscripts of books include Aspects of Egypt: Some Travels in the Arab Republic; The Burning Bush; Lovely Land; The Night and Its Homing; Loneliness (1966); Every Man a Stranger; An American Journey (London, Hutchinson, 1967); The Lady and the Mystic (London, Hutchinson, 1967); England for a Change, Bitter Babylon; Practitioners of Love: Some Aspects of the Human Phenomenon; The Midnight Street; To Pass To Nowhere (Hutchinson, 1971); Young in the Twenties (Hutchinson, 1971); My Cat Sammy (1971); An Italian Journey; Kildoon (Hutchinson, 1974); The Curious Adventure of Major Fosdick; England My Adventure (Hutchinson, 1972); Mission to Beirut (Hutchinson, 1973); The Late Miss Guthrie (Hutchinson, 1976); Stories From My Life (Hutchinson, 1973); Sunset Over Dartmoor (Hutchinson, 1977); and A Sundown at the Tiger (Putnam, 1951). Research material for Aspects of Egypt: Some Travels in the Arab Republic is also present.  The collection also includes the manuscripts for several published and unpublished short stories, as well as drafts of the poems "Full Moon" (1940) and "Who Shall Say" (1940).

Book reviews include an English (1956) and German (1958) review of her novel The Living Lotus. Articles by Mannin included in the collection are "The Palestinian Diaspora", published in the Iraq Bulletin (1965); and "50 Years This Week with the Same Publisher" in Bookseller (1974).

Correspondence is dated from the 1940s to the 1980s with much of it being later. Photocopies of letters between Mannin and George Orwell are included, as well as original copies of correspondence between Mannin and Rev. Eric Bishop (over 250 letters dated 1965-1971), Mr.  & Mrs. Rollo Silver, Richard Church, Nancy Price, Brian Carter, John Walters, and Raymond Anderson, among others. A 1943 letter to Russell Landstrom in which Mannin refers to the war as "an imperialist racket" is one of the standout pieces of the collection, displaying Mannin's left wing and pacifist views. Later letters are mainly concerned with the Arab War situation.

Printed material includes miscellany regarding Mannin's travels; clippings of short stories taken from magazines and literary journals; articles collected by Mannin; material about Iraq; an article and photograph of Mannin in a French newspaper; publicity bookmarks for her novel An Italian Journey; and an article about Mannin titled "Ricky Max Hugh Austen Remembers George Orwell and his Contemporaries".

One journal in the collection consists of Mannin's notes and ideas for a novel. Some of her diary entries of her lectures on, and meetings with, William Butler Yeats (1935-1936) are also present.

Other material includes three black and white photographs (1950s); a photograph of Mannin with the editors from Hutchinson in 1975; and Mannin's school reports dated 1908-1915.
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