Manning, Mary (1905-1999)
The Mary Manning collection consists of  manuscripts, printed material, personal memorabilia, correspondence, financial materials, and photographs.

Manuscripts by Manning in the collection include the plays and scripts Go Lovely Rose, THC Library's Evening of Poetry, The Last Chronicles of Bally Fungus (musical version, 1977), The Saving Pause, or: Reclaimed (1985), The Wearing of the Green, and Saint Kevin's Bed. The play Attitudes by Mary Howe is also included with the manuscripts in the collection.

Printed material contains various newsletters and magazines that Manning collected, including Ireland, The Otherwise Club, Motley, The Arts in Ireland, The Journal of Irish Literature and The Atlantic. Many clippings from newspapers, magazines and newsletters are also included, along with playbills for three plays performed at the Irish Arts Festival in 1965; a funeral service program for Louis Leventhal Jaffe; a photocopy of the segmented text "Some Irish-American Theatre Links" by Micheal Naodha; and a program from the Abbey Theatre.  The material dates from the 1930s to the 1980s.

Personal memorabilia includes Manning's sketchbooks and drawings, various diaries, a small box, various documents from the War Department (1940s-1950s), a certificate in honor of Col. Mark Howe, a string-bound book of songs for The Miller's Daughter, a scrapbook of various Abbey Theatre programs, and a blue scrapbook of various newspaper clippings.

Personal correspondence between Manning and her family and friends includes several letters dated 1980-1999.

Financial materials include tax returns and the Mary Manning Howe Trust statement from Cambridge Trust Company (1998).

Photographs include photos of Manning's family from the late 19th to early 20th century; black and white prints of Army generals (1945); family portraits; and a scrapbook of family photos titled "Snappy Snaps" that Manning compiled in 1934.
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1. Manning, Mary, 1905-1999
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