Mapson, Jo-Ann (1952- )
The Jo-Ann Mapson collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, personal memorabilia, professional and research materials, financial materials, photographs, and other miscellaneous materials.

Manuscripts include novels and poems, as well as research materials and notes Mapson used while drafting them. Also included are various short stories and essays. Novels include Shadow Ranch (1994-1996); Blue Rodeo (1993); Hank and Chloe (1992); Loving Chloe (1996-1997); Sand Angels (unpublished; manuscript drafts dated 1988-1991); Fault Line (short stories 1988-1989); The Wilder Sisters (1998, 1999); Bad Girl Creek; Along Came Mary; Goodbye, Earl and The Owl and Moon Café. Some drafts include notes and alternate titles. Editors' and friends' comments as well as cut chapters are included with several of Mapson's drafts. Poetry collections include drafts of Elegy for Dog Whistle and Spooking the Horses. Also included are drafts of a speech entitled "Sunflower Seeds and Family Stories: Some Thoughts on Writing Novels" and unidentified text revisions and notes. A "Hank and Chloe" screenplay is present, as well as several short stories and essays.

Correspondence includes over 150 letters and e-mails discussing Mapson's books, literary advice, and publishing. Correspondence is dated 1987-2001. Also included are post-cards, note cards, and e-mails from 1994-2005.

Printed materials includes pamphlets and fliers for various book signings, readings, and appearances; galley proofs of Bad Girl Creek; material from special events (1995-2001); copies of various book reviews in titles such as L.A. Times, Boston Sunday Globe, Publisher's Weekly, The New York Times Book Review, People Magazine, and many others;  best-seller lists; advertisements; literary journals and pamphlets with stories by Mapson; press release materials for Shadow Ranch and Blue Rodeo; and more.

Interesting personal memorabilia includes a printout Mapson kept of a mallard duck in a pond; two high school and college journals (1970-1976) ; various publications with articles by Mapson (1995-2005); book jackets; "participation certificates" from Orange County Authors; a certificate of appreciation from the Brandeis University National Women's Committee (1994); book marks; a daily planner (1998); a high school reunion book; a grade report from California State University; Mapson's B.A. Degree from California State University with a major in creative writing; scholarship certificates; and more.

Professional material includes cover art, jacket proofs and promotional material for Bad Girl Creek, cover art and promotions for Blue Rodeo, and cover art for Loving Chloe.

Research materials include text fragments, handwritten notes, an unlabeled floppy disk, a collection of e-mails, website printouts, character sketches and plot outlines, regarding Along Came Mary, Goodbye Earl, and The Owl and The Moon Café.

Financial materials include travel receipts, airline tickets, and lists of travel expenses.

Photographs include nine portraits, several prints of Mapson with friends, and a photo of Mapson's children, Olivia and Charlie.

Audio material includes an interview regarding Shadow Ranch on a VHS cassette and several audio books, as well as a compact disc from 1991 of "Kakuhachi-The Japanese Flute".

Miscellaneous material includes Mapson's personal notes, phone numbers, addresses, drawings, and notes about research and for several seminars. Mapson's "First Florida Class" publication for her Vermont College Master of Fine Arts Writing (1992) is available as well.
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