Marek, Kurt (1915-1972)
The Kurt W. Marek collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, photographs, and diaries.  Much of the writings are are in German as well as English.

Manuscripts are mainly listed under Marek's American pseudonym, C.W. Ceram. Manuscripts include books, various short pieces related to historical events and sites, radio and film scripts, book reviews, and notes.

Several drafts of The First American / Die Erste Amerikaner, dated from 1965-1971, and drafts of Gods, Graves, and Monsters (Knopf, 1967) are included in the collection. Some of the drafts are signed.

Manuscripts that Marek had collected or been featured in, several of them signed, are available as well.  These include "Enge Schluct und Schwazer Berg" ("Narrow Pass and Black Mountain"), an unpublished manuscript by R. Winston; "Aus dem Tages eines Lektors" (1969); Creative Woodstock by Sylvia R. Day (Mead Mt Press, 1966) containing a biography of Kurt Marek; Das Ende Von Etwas (The End of Something)  by Ernest Hemingway, with an epilogue by Marek; Schnee Auf Dem Kilimandscharo (Snows of Kilimanjaro) by Ernest Hemingway, with a piece by Marek entitled "Bucher in Allen Taschen"; and the title Literatur und Politik (Literature and Politics)  containing an article by Marek entitled "Der Schriftseller und die Wirklichkeit" (1948).

Radio and film scripts in the collection include  the film scripts for Die Hochzeit unter dem Galgen (The Marriage Under the Gallows); narrator texts for six television documentaries written and directed by C.W. Ceram (1962-1963); four radio features in German written by C.W. Ceram and Heinrich Regnier in 1951; and "Radio Discussion with Arnold Tonybee and Kurt W. Marek" (first and second) scripts airing in Hamburg in 1948.

There are several notes from Marek to other authors, notes on an article that appeared in the German weekly Die Zeit, and notes for a proposed book by Marek on the history of Christianity.

Three items of correspondence between Marek and others are dated 1966-1969.

Printed materials include several copies of Die Zeit with articles by Marek; a brochure from Marek's publisher; a bibliography of books by Kurt Marek and C.W. Ceram; an advertisement from the New Yorker in 1966 mentioning Gods, Graves, and Monsters; and advertisements for both of Marek's books.

Two photographs are featured. One is of Marek's memorial plate at the Ohlsdorf cemetery in Hamburg, and the other is of Hannolore Marek, his wife, in 1991.

Diaries include a diary of 1951 by Marek with notes, an unpublished war diary dated 1939-1944; a handwritten war diary of Narvik dated 1940; and an archeological diary from 1965.
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1. Ceram, C. W., 1915-1972
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