Marlowe, Dan J. (1914-1987)
The Dan J. Marlowe collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, printed material, legal material, research material, and other material. 

Correspondence in the collection consists of both professional and personal letters. Professional letters include communications with various agents regarding Marlowe’s books, letters about book publication, and manuscript rejection letters from publishers, among other topics. Letters often pertain to works by Marlowe including The Name of the Game is Death (1962), Four for the Money (1966), his various short stories, and his various erotic publications, often written under various pseudonyms. Also included are correspondences with William C. Odell and Al Nussbaum, who co-authored several books with Marlowe or provided material for his work. Personal correspondence consists of letters about his health shortly before death and about his amnesia, among other miscellaneous letters. Correspondence includes communication with notables Gertrude Bradford, Anne Perez-Guerra, Roger Martin, Al Nussbaum, William C. Odell, and James Reach.

Manuscripts in the collection include novels and short stories, both published and unpublished, many of which are by Marlowe, and some of which are by other authors, including Gunshots in Another Room: The Forgotten Life of Dan J. Marlowe by Charles Kelly and works by Al Nussbaum. Novels by Marlowe include Backfire (1961), Never Live Twice (1964), One Endless Hour (1969), Operation Deathmaker (1975), several erotic novels, and various Young Reader books written for educational publishers, among others. Unpublished works include Anatomy of a Crime Wave and various novels by Al Nussbaum, among other works. Also included are various short stories by Marlowe and Nussbaum, most of which are erotic short stories, both published and unpublished. 

Printed material consists of news clippings reviewing Marlowe's books and other works, a 1965 Argosy magazine with a condensed version of Death Deep Down (1965), and an article about female editors of men’s magazines, among other materials. 

Legal material includes Marlowe's will, a file on Marlowe seeking to renew his copyrights on Doorway to Death (1959) and Killer With a Key (1959), correspondence pertaining to Marlowe's issues with the Samuel French agency's rights in relation to Marlowe's work, a document authorizing Marlowe to act on Nussbaum's behalf on all literary property in 1969, and other materials. 

Research material includes notes and rough drafts for various novels and works, including notes for a book called Stroke, about his experience with amnesia. Also included are lists of various erotic stories written by Marlowe and lists of freelance articles by him, among other material.  

Also included in the collection are the Mystery Writers of America award (1975), several of Marlowe's address books, photographs and negatives, various cassette tapes, and a portrait of Marlowe.
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1. Marlowe, Dan J., 1914-1987
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