Martin-Bittman, Lawrence (1931-2018)
The Lawrence Martin-Bittman collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, research material, personal memorabilia, photographs and artwork. 

Manuscripts include books, articles, academic journals, academic projects, seminars, and statements, interviews, and book reviews. Manuscripts of books in the collection include Soviet Disinformation and Active Measures (1983); The Messengers and the Messages of Deceit (1988); and drafts of various chapters from Treatment of Defectors and The Trauma of Freedom. Articles in the collection include those by Martin-Bittman and those he collected from others. They include Department "D" - The Disinformation Center of Soviet-Bloc Intelligence (1970); Images, Immigrants, and Their Press; The New Image Makers: Soviet Propaganda and Disinformation Today (1988); The Deception Game - Czechoslovak Intelligence in Soviet Political Warfare (1972); The KGB and Disinformation and Other Active Measures Against the U.S., all by Martin-Bittman, among others. Many articles written for Czech newspapers and magazines are included in addition to those for U.S. newspapers and magazines. Some of Martin-Bittman's publications in Czech include Dirigent zakulski (The Director Behind the Scenes); Prvni zemrel kancier (The Chancellor Was the First to Die) (1968); and Spionazni opratkly (Spy Traps) (1981), among others.  The Propaganda Disinformation Persuasion Journal, edited by Martin-Bittman (published in 1993) is included in the collection.  Miscellaneous projects, seminars, and statements in the collection include editorial commentaries for the Boston News Radio Station; "Small Sister: Czechoslovak Espionage 1968-1990" by V. Ludvik; a "Statement about the affair involving the former Mayor of Vienna Dr. Zilk" (1998); a "Seminar on Disinformation in the Press" given at Tel Aviv University (1984); a statement on Soviet forgeries read before the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in 1980; a testimony by Martin-Bittman before the United States Senate about the treatment of Communist defectors, and a copy of the proceedings of the United States Department of Inquiry of "Disinformation, the Media, and Foreign Policy" (1987). The collection also contains manuscripts of interviews with Martin-Bittman, the script of an interview with the former Czechoslovak Communist Minister of International Affairs, a book review, and a collection of literature, especially articles, that quote or mention Martin-Bittman, published by both American and International presses.

Correspondence in the collection includes both personal and professional letters. Personal correspondence includes letters from friends, admirers, and acquaintances, letters to and from Martin-Bittman's father, brother, daughter, and wives; a Czech automobile registration letter; and an invitation to the celebration of the lifting of Martin-Bittman's death sentence in 1994. Professional correspondence includes that related to the Program for the Study of Disinformation; letters regarding coursework; letters regarding a conference at Tufts University in 1985; documents regarding the Shymko case of Nazi war criminals; letters regarding Martin-Bittman's application for a Boston University fellowship; research material; applications for grants; and letters regarding work done in conjunction with Czech papers and magazines.

Printed material has been collected extensively and includes the Propaganda Disinformation Persuasion Journal by Martin-Bittman dated 1989-1993; a booklet titled "Disinformation and Democracy" by Martin-Bittman (1986); articles by Marin-Bittman published in The Boston Globe; a 1980 testimony from Martin-Bittman titled "Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Oversight of the Permanent Committee of Intelligence"; various newspaper articles about Martin-Bittman from The Daily Free Press, Boston University Today, The Comment, Disinformation, and Chief Executive Magazine; newspaper articles from the Czech Republic, Russia, and France reporting the discovery of secret Nazi documents at the bottom of a lake; postcards depicting the invasion of the Czech Republic by the Soviet Union; copies of Foreign Intelligence Literary Scene (1988), Cloak and Dagger Books (1992) and National Intelligence Book Center (1988); articles on the Zilk affair in the 1990s; Israeli newspaper articles regarding Martin-Bittman; applications and reports for the funding to study the relationship between terrorism and the mass media; applications for a Boston University fellowship; student evaluations of Martin-Bittman, and extensive newspaper articles regarding the "rehabilitation" of victims of the communist court systems (1990-1997).

Research material in the collection includes notes on and photocopies of Martin-Bittman's articles, lists for bibliographies, research on the Zilk affair, interviews, senate hearings, and primary sources for the unpublished book The Trauma of Freedom

Personal material belonging to Martin-Bittman in the collection includes: drawings by him; his memberships to the Golden Key National Honor Society and the Association of Former Intelligence Officers; a special recognition plaque from the FBI; two medals awarded by the Czech military for his becoming captain in 1963 and major in 1965; his university diplomas; athletic club memberships; a US passport from 1983; his second wife's diaries dated 1970-1972; business cards, telephone directories; divorce certificates; baptism certificates; marriage licenses; his 1954 certificate of US citizenship; resumes up to 1990; legal trials against Martin-Bittman in Czech; and other items.

Many photographs, both personal and professional, are included in the collection. There are many prints of Martin-Bittman's family; photos of his three marriages; prints of his first visit back to the Czech Republic after 26 years of exile; numerous vacation slides of trips to the Czech Republic and Italy; photos of Martin-Bittman participating in the Czech salvage efforts to find those who assisted with the German takeover of the Czech Republic in World War II; retirement and party photos; and several surveillance photos of Soviet and Communist leaders used as proof of the role the KGB played in the communist insurgency in Greece.

The collection also includes audio tapes of discussions and interviews with Martin-Bittman. 

In addition, some of Martin-Bittman's artwork is present in the collection.
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