Marx, Arthur (1921-2011)

The Arthur Marx collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, audio materials, scrapbooks, photographs, legal material, and memorabilia.

Manuscripts include teleplays, screenplays, books and other materials.

Teleplays include Alias Captain Binghamton (1963), I'll Take Sweden (1964), The Rage of Taratupa (1964), Pollution Solution (1972), Unsteady Going (1972), Alice: Bet A Million Mel (1981), Steve's Other Wife (1990), among others.

Stage plays and screenplays include A Global Affair (1963), Cancel My Reservation (1971), Eight on the Lam (1966), Everybody Loves Me (1956), For Better or Worse: A Comedy in Two Acts, Groucho – A Life in Revue (1983), Minnie's Boys, My Daughter’s Rated X, Norman Loves Harry (1968), Pete Smith Shorts (1950), Steve's Other Wife (1991), Sugar and Spice (1971), The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1983), The Impossible Years, and The Man in the Back Seat (1963).

Books include The Ordeal of Willie Brown, Life With Groucho (1954), Not As a Crocodile (1958), Son of Groucho (1972), Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime (Especially Himself) (1974), Goldwyn, A Biography of the Man  Behind the Myth (1976), Red Skelton (1979), The Nine Lives of Mickey Rooney (1988), My Life With Groucho (1992), The Secret Life of Bob Hope (1993) and Set to Kill (1994), and drafts of T.C. Novel (1941) and Panther by the Tail: An Outline for a Black Comedy Novel.

Correspondence includes personal letters and fan mail dating from 1940 to 1990. Professional letters regarding publishing contracts are also included.

Printed material includes magazine and newspaper clippings regarding press coverage, publicity and reviews of Marx’s works.

Audio materials include tapes of interviews of Sam Goldwyn, D. Martin and J, Lewis, and Red Skelton.

Scrapbooks include “Collier’s Articles: 1952-1953 by Arthur Marx” and “My Old Man Groucho” by Arthur Marx”, among others.

Photographs include prints of Sam Goldwyn and Grouch Marx, among others.

Legal materials include Ruth Marx’s marriage license and certificate, among other materials.

Financial material includes royalty statements and receipts.

Memorabilia includes a graduation program and other materials.

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1. Marx, Arthur, 1921-2011
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