Maugham, Robin (1916-1981)
The Robin Maugham collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, legal and financial material, and other material.

Manuscripts by Maugham in the collection include novels, autobiographical works, stage plays, essays, short stories and novellas, and other writings.  
Novels include The Last Encounter (London, W.H. Allen, 1972); The Wrong People (Heinemann, 1970); The Corridor (Kimber, 1980); The Deserters (Kimber, 1981); The Reckoning; The Dividing Line; The Refuge; and others, including various drafts and notes.  Autobiographical works include Come to Dust (Chapman and Hall, 1945); Escape from the Shadows (Hodder and Stoughton); Search for Nirvana (W.H. Allen, 1975); a fragment of Dieter with a preface by the author; and other miscellaneous notes.  Plays include All Through the Night (1945); Willie: The Somerset Maugham Story; The Two Wise Virgins of Hove; The Leopard; Enemy; Winter in Ischia; Home Waters; Send Up; The Clerk; The Hermit; The Servant; The Wrong People; The Lonesome Road; The Last Journal; The Black Tents; Gordon of Khartoum; The Claimant; and others. Short stories and novellas include "Pay Bearer 20 pounds"; "Dan '31"; "Exiles from London"; "Barlowe's Exiles"; "Half Term" (1938); "The Postman"; and others. Other writings include a group of five early stories published in magazines between 1933-1937; "The Agadir Story"  / "The Survivor," outlines for a novel; "Behind the Mask: Conversations with Willie", another book outline; the preface for a book of stories by Peter Burton written by Maugham; a review of Somerset Maugham and his World by Frederick Raphael, with attached clipping from 1977; and "The Night of Winston Churchill’s Defeat." Maugham also collected notes and writings by contemporary Peter Burton, and many of them are included in his collection.  

Correspondence in the collection includes letters between Maugham and Burton regarding the author's various works, all dated in the 1970s; correspondence concerning Convoy, a magazine edited by Maugham; "private letters" (1936-1954); wartime letters (1940-1943); and others.  

Printed material include excerpts of American and English reviews for Escape the Shadows, The Last Encounter, The Wrong People, The Sign, The Enemy, and Come to Dust; various newspaper reviews of Maugham's works; an illustrated brochure for Casa Cala Pada (Maugham's villa at Santa Eulalia, Ibiza) including an introduction with Maugham's signature; and a small group of clippings and tear sheets of magazine articles regarding W. Somerset Maugham and Robin Maugham's  article about him, "My Uncle Willie" from Post in 1966; issues of Convoy; a Trinity Hall Appeal program; several articles clipped from magazines; book covers and jackets; numerous reviews of Maugham's works; a pamphlet called "The Castle of Roccasinibalda"; a copy of the October 1815 issue of Evan and Ruffy's Farmer's Journal and Agricultural Advertiser; and other various newspaper and magazine clippings and articles. 

Notebooks in the collection include outlines and titles, some of them with the author unknown. 

Legal material includes copyright notes transferring all rights for Nights in Cassis to Maugham and several pages of contracts.

Financial material includes travel receipts; a list of paintings stolen from Casa Cala Pada (Maugham's villa); lists of royalties; income tax statements; bills; and more; all dated between 1960 and 1980. 

Other material includes numerous audio cassette tape recordings of interviews with Maugham and interviews between Maugham and Denis Lemon, Peter Burton, and others; several of Maugham's travel photographs are included in the collection; a scrapbook of newspaper clippings; and a list of people Maugham sent manuscripts to for reviewing.
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