Mitchell, Peter and Fanny Todd (1897-1978)
The Fanny Todd and Peter Mitchell collection catalogs Fanny's work as a writer, Peter's work as an artist, and both of their extensive involvement with travel, cooking, and theatre. Content consists of manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, legal and financial materials, a video, photographs, artwork, diaries, notebooks, and more.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of books, articles, short stories and other short works, and notes.

Manuscripts for books and short works include Big Business (1951); Boom Boom (1941); Teresa Cabarrus: A Biography of Madame Tallien; City Shot (1934); Custom Made Countess (1944); Diner's Out (1935); Forced Landing (1942) The Eligible Man (1941); Garter Snappers (1928, 1932); Music in May (1929); Paradise Hall (1945); Some Fish and Some Bite (1940); Weekend with Her Father or A House Divided (1937); A Wonderful Night (1929) and more, all by Fanny Todd Mitchell. Works by Peter Todd Mitchell include The Last Summer of Daisy Fellowes; A Long Way Home; and A Long Way from St. Louis. Collaborative works include Knowing Where You're Going by both Fanny Todd and Peter Mitchell.

Short stories by Peter Mitchell include "Lombardy", "Return to Manhattan", "La Rioja: The Country" and more. Short Stories by Fanny Todd  include "Tomorrow We Die", "Green on Green" and "Suzy on Route". Other works include "Old Nice" by Peter and Fanny Todd Mitchell, and "Within a Glass Bell" by A.J. Fondes.  Included with manuscripts are notes, research materials, and folders of various recipes.  Articles include several articles for Gourmet magazine, "See Naples and Stay Alive," and more by Peter Todd Mitchell.

Correspondence is both personal and professional. It includes letters dated from the 1930s to the 1980s. Also included are Peter's business letters; letters regarding a biography of Peter; business correspondence; correspondence between Peter and Priscilla Cunningham (1968-1987); correspondence related to family history; a large birthday card; and more.

Personal memorabilia and miscellaneous materials include: a membership card to the Automobile Club d L'ile de Paris; a London driver's license; passports; membership cards for the National Society of Literature and the Arts (1976) and The New York Public Library; travel postcards and stamps; business cards for over 60 different restaurants; juvenilia from the 1930s; engravings of a Peter Todd Mitchell calling card and profile;  5 address and telephone books with various designs; family history documents; and a "Hommage de ‘L' Accueil de Paris a Monsieur Peter Todd Mitchell" award, including an  engraving of Madame de Maintenon.

Printed material includes: Gourmet articles by both Fanny and Peter; a French art magazine about Paris in the 1930s; a Spanish art magazine; copies of Gourmet from the 1970s-1980s; "Christie's London: Two Centuries of Design" auction catalog from 2001; "Barcelona's Gothic Quarter" by Fanny; 19 newspaper clippings regarding Peter; a photocopy of a book jacket for Knowing Where You're Going; copies of Jardin des Arts (1969), Texas Quarterly (1965) and Bazaar (1953); 3 dust jackets for Pleasures of A Gourmet by Fanny; articles by both Fanny and Peter; clippings regarding Fanny's theatre career and divorce; publicity articles from Harper's; more clippings from Harper's Bazaar from the 1960s; illustration proofs for Knowing Where You're Going, Pushcarts and Palaces, and Party in Italy, Party in Spain, Party in France; programs, especially regarding Peter; various magazines, including issues of Gourmet from 1976 to 1986; maps; artwork; articles by Priscilla Cunningham about Peter and Fanny Todd Mitchell; and much more.

Professional materials include files regarding various subjects, including Gourmet magazine, the itinerary for their trip to India, hotels, restaurants, menus, galleries, personal material, artwork, travel, and more; business cards; calendars; address books; press kits for Paintings of North Africa by Peter; and more.

Legal materials include marriage licenses, U.S. Navy documents, birth certificates, social security applications and appeals, divorce documents, and contracts.

Financial material include bank and credit card statements, checks, receipts, invoices, tax documents, and more, dated 1924-1989.

A video titled "Peter Todd Mitchell Art" has been added to the collection.

Photographs have been collected extensively and some examples include photos of both Peter and Fanny alone or with friends; photos of Omar Azouni, Leonn Leonidoff, and Jules Boche; miscellaneous photos of artwork and architecture; landscape photos; photos of Peter working on his art; photos of Paris; many photos of Peter's artwork; family photographs; and more. Also present are files of photos arranged into topics by Peter Mitchell; these topics include paintings in Morocco, Turkey and Persia, paintings of Tunis, Egypt, Sardinia, Turkey, New Year's, Venice, and others.

Original artwork by Peter Todd Mitchell includes pen and pencil sketches, watercolors, prints, and photographs of Peter's artwork.

Diaries and notebooks consist of over 30 diaries, scrapbooks, recipe books, travel diaries, datebooks, yearbooks, and more. They have been collected from the 1910s-1970s. One notebook titled "Personal Memoirs" by Peter is also present.
Notable Figures
1. Mitchell, Fanny Todd
2. Mitchell, Peter
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