Monroe, Vaughn (1911-1973)
The Vaughn Monroe collection includes photographs, personal memorabilia, printed materials, scrapbooks, and correspondence.

Photographs in the collection include many of Monroe with famous people such as Spencer Tracy, John Payne, and Lawrence Tibbett, dated between 1937 and 1953; photographs autographed by people such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Art Devlin, and Gene Autry; as well as photographs of people involved in the films Singing Guns (1950); and Toughest Man in Arizona (1951).

Personal memorabilia in the collection consists of many of Monroe’s awards and certificates, some framed. Examples include The Motion Picture Daily Achievement Award - Best Dance Band (1947); Red Cross Certificate of Honor (1949); and certificates of appreciation from the F.B.I, the U.S. Army and Air Force, and the U.S. Naval Air Reserves, dated between 1950 and 1968.

Printed material in the collection includes publicity booklets, data sheets, and multiple articles about Monroe dated between 1949 and 1952.

Scrapbooks in the collection consist of nine scrapbooks full of newspaper and magazine articles (1949), about a thousand other newspaper and magazine articles (1954-1958), publicity photographs, sheet music, and records.

Correspondence in the collection includes letters to Monroe, dated between 1950 and 1968, from the U.S.A. Recruiting Bureau, the Governor of Arizona, and the Executive Director of Celebrities for Nixon, as well as a few other fan and miscellaneous letters.
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1. Monroe, Vaughn, 1911-1973
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