Nelson, Truman (1912-1987)
The Truman Nelson collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, research materials, financial materials, film and video, photographs, diaries and journals, notebooks, and other materials.

Manuscripts in the collection include Nelson’s books Surveyor (1960); Documents of Upheaval: William Lloyd Garrison and the Rise and Fall of the Non-Violent Passive Resistant Movement (1966); Abolitionism, The Right of Revolution (1968); The Old Man: John Brown at Harper’s Ferry (1973); and various of his other books. Also included are over fifty of Nelson’s short pieces and articles, many of his plays, and miscellaneous other manuscripts.

Correspondence in the collection includes both personal and professional letters and is extensive, dating from the 1930’s to 1985. Notable correspondents include James Baldwin, W.E.B. DuBois, Rockwell Kent, Louis Mumford, and Kenneth Tynan.

Printed materials in the collection include the National Testimonial to William Lloyd Garrison (1866), many reviews of Nelson’s books, and various pamphlets, magazines, and newspapers.

Research materials in the collection include files on Guns; Walden; Utopias; Hawthorne; the Sarah Roberts case; James Otis; DuBois and Africa; and miscellaneous clippings of newspapers and magazines used for Nelson’s research.

Financial materials in the collection include contracts for Nelson’s books, general bills, and other miscellaneous financial documents.

Film and video in the collection includes reel-to-reel tapes, sound and film recordings, microfilm on the Oneida Community, the New York Herald, and the Essex Institute, and two Sony video tapes labeled “Truman Nelson Edited Tape.”

Photographs in the collection include historical family photographs, some from the 19th century.

Diaries and journals in the collection include many appointment books dating from 1947 to 1987 and other journals.

Notebooks in the collection consist of 6 untitled notebooks.

Other materials in the collection include calendars dating from 1962 to 1983, phonorecords, communist Russia posters, and a framed document from 1981 recognizing Nelson for his work on John Brown.
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