Neville, Alison (1925-1993)
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The Alison Neville collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, and diaries and journals.

Manuscripts in the collection include pieces of Neville’s work written under the pseudonym Edward Candy, such as Strokes of Havoc (1965); Parent’s Day (1967); Doctor Amadeus (1969); Words for Murder Perhaps (1971); Scene Changing (1977); Voices of Children (1980); a children’s story; and a few teleplays. Also included are an article and eulogy by Jeremy Neville; miscellaneous short pieces, some autobiographical; a notebook with entries dated between 1967 and 1979; and Neville’s “The Coming of the Age of Peter Pan” from 1983.

Correspondence in the collection is dated between 1972 and 1993 and includes letters to and about the Wennington School, and correspondence with Livia Gollancz and Sir Ronald Millar.

Printed materials in the collection include many book reviews by both Edward Candy and Neville, material related to the Wennington School, clippings, and a program for “Parents Day” by Sir Ronald Millar.

Professional materials in the collection consist of two daily calendars from 1966 and 1967.

Diaries and journals in the collection include 28 daily diaries dated between 1968 and 1993.
Notable Figures
1. Neville, Alison, 1925-1993
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