Norman, Howard (1949- )
The Howard Norman collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, film and video materials, audio materials, electronic media materials, subject files, and other materials.

Manuscripts in the collection include Norman’s novels The Northern Lights (1987); The Bird Artist (1994); The Museum Guard (1998); Trickster and the Fainting Birds (1999); My Famous Evening (2004); and In Fond Remembrance of Me (2006). Many of his other novels are also included, as well as many short stories, poems, screenplays, essays, typed scripts, story excerpts, notes, and a Cabot High School Commencement Address.

Other manuscripts in the collection include screenplays, plays, teleplays, and novels by David Mamet, work by Peter Matthiessen, a screenplay by Gloria Katz and William Huyck from 1987, and other miscellaneous work by Joyce Johnson, Robert C. Turner, and others.

Correspondence in the collection includes both personal and professional letters, including material regarding Norman’s novel Who Paddled Backward with Trout, correspondence with an unknown person at George Mason University, and thank-you notes from David Mamet. Other notable correspondents include W.S. Merwin, Philip Levine, Donald Hall, Charles Wright, Peter Matthiessen, and Michael Dorris.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes a tote bag and a Spring Literary Festival item.

Printed materials in the collection include Arts Canada magazines dated between 1973 and 1974, proofs for many of Norman’s novels, as well as for works by others, many booklets, magazines, pamphlets, journals, catalogs, and newspapers dated between 1931 and 2004, a poster autographed by Norman, literary journals, short stories both written and translated by Norman in multiple Boston Globe magazines, and various flyers, book reviews, and articles.

Professional materials in the collection include publicity packets, itineraries, press kits for Girls who Dreamed Only Geese, an interview, a press badge, book cover proofs, an autographed program, and a photo of Norman during one of his speeches.

Research materials in the collection include translations by Norman of stories and poems in the Cree language dated between 1970 and 1972.

Film and video materials in the collection include a VHS on Peter Matthiessen, narrated by Norman.

Audio materials in the collection include five audio cassette tapes.

Electronic media materials in the collection consist of one CD.

Subject files in the collection include information pertaining to Peter Matthiessen, the River Run Cookbook, the Jewish Book Awards from 2002, and miscellaneous research materials, reviews, and publishing materials.

Other materials in the collection include photocopies of cartoons by Edward Koren for the New York Times Book Review, color prints of family photos, book jackets, duck images, fact sheets, two written works by Peter Matthiessen, and transcripts of interviews by Norman with Peter Matthiessen.
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1. Norman, Howard A.
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