North, Joseph (1904-1976)
The Joseph North collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material,  professional materials, legal and financial material, photographs, and other material.

Manuscripts include books, articles, essays, speeches, and other items.  Book drafts by North include Robert Minor: Artists and Crusader (International Publishers, 1956); No Men Are Strangers (International Publishers, 1976); I Met the Victorious Rebels; New Masses: An Anthology of the Rebel Thirties (International Publishers, 1969); Cuba: Hope of a Hemisphere (International Publishers, 1955); and William Z. Foster: An Appreciation (International Publishers, 1955); and others. Some manuscripts are in Russian. Articles by North include several pieces for The Worker, The Daily Worker, New Masses, American Dialogue, Daily World, and other periodicals; most date from the 1960s and 1970s.  Articles by others include "Apartheid in the News" by Walter Lowenfels (with a signed letter to North, 1968) and a review of No Men Are Strangers titled "Joseph North's True and Valiant Book." Essays by North include various untitled essays; "A Woman" (written for North's "No Men Are Strangers" column in his newsletter); and "I Saw Dachau" (for New Masses, 1945). Speeches include an address before the International Organization of Journalists (1971); a talk on Angela Davis (1971); remarks for the Communist Party National Committee Meeting (1970); remarks on the 1960 campaign; and a speech delivered at the 1969 World Conference of Journalists. 

Correspondence in the collection dates from the 1930s through the end of the 1970s.  Some personal correspondence from friends, family, and admirers is included, though most of the letters are professional.  The majority of correspondence is between North, Maxwell Geismar, and Walter Lowenfels. Other correspondents include Howard Fast, Morris Colman, Jack Conroy, Helena Romanova, Carolos Baker, Father Thomas Merton, the U.N. Secretary General, Archie Gordon, Sarah Schlossberg, Samuel Barron, John Connors Jr., Harry F. Ward, Susan North, Mary Hemingway, Stanislave Kondraskov, Albert Szent-Gorgyi, and Michael Gold. 

Printed material includes numerous articles from New Masses, Weekly Review, American Dialogue, The Worker, and Daily World, both by North and by others. Also included are advertisements and press releases regarding North's books; galley proofs of New Masses; a copy of the American-Dialogue Soviet-American Friendship Issue (1968-1969); clippings from US and Soviet newspapers (1932-1969); pieces written about North; promotional material for American Dialogue; a pamphlet by North titled "What Are We Doing in China?" (1945); an Author's Guild bulletin (1970); a Cuban Communist publication from 1970; Daily World issues from 1968 to 1974; Russian and American magazines and newspapers; translations of articles from the Soviet press (1975); articles for New Masses (1930s-1940s); material regarding Vassily Petrovich Vinogradov; material regarding the Central Brooklyn Neighborhood College Conference; minutes for Communist Party meetings (1970s); Russian political cartoons; issues of Weekly Review from the 1940s; political pamphlets; a press packet for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project; a 1970 Communist Party of America Political Committee reports and minutes; and more bulletins, newsletters, press releases, flyers, advertisements, reviews, etc.

Professional material consists of subject files containing various items arranged by topic by North.  Subjects include: The Daily World; the American Dialogue cultural tour (1968); The International Scientific Symposium "The Role of Scientists and their Organizations in the Struggle for Disarmament" (Moscow, 1975); peace organizations; Mexico trip (1968), a writing workshop; Walter Lowenfels; Chile; a Gromyko speech (1974); and the Communist Party USA. 

Legal and financial material includes receipts; the contract for No Men Are Strangers; tax records; estate material (1940-1969); and royalty statements.

Photographs include images of family and friends; photos of South Vietnam (1972), Havana, Stalingrad, Leningrad, Hanoi (1972), Volgograd (1969), and Moscow; and others. 

Other material in the collection includes a film labeled "Bernie Stone 1942"; two audio reels titled "A Month in Cuba" and "Mike Gold on Becoming a Writer" (1966); various Russian medals; a Russian-American dictionary; passports; a certificate of naturalization; a 1966 datebook; a record album; press passes and invitations; a membership to the Author's Guild; tickets; cards; notebooks; one scrapbook, the latter put together by the staff of The Worker as a testimony to Joseph North, has also been added to the collection; and other items. 
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