Nourse, Alan E. (1928-1992)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Alan E. Nourse collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, professional material, research material, legal, artwork, notebooks, and journals.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of drafts, proofs, and final versions of Nourse's science fiction, medical guides, and health guide books for youth; some manuscripts include related correspondence and/or research. Science fiction books by Nourse include Trouble on Titan (1957); Rocket to Limbo (1957); Scavengers in Space (1959); Star Surgeon (1960); Tiger by the Tail and Other Science Fiction Stories (1962); Raiders from the Rings (1962); The Counterfeit Man; The Universe Between (1965); PSI High and Others (McKay, 1967);  The Mercy Men (1955); The Bladerunner (David McKay, 1974); The Invaders are Coming (Project Tiger) (1957-1958); The Practice (Harper and Row, 1978); The Fourth Horseman; and The Elk Hunt (MacMillan, 1986). Medical and scientific books and booklets include Nine Planets (1960); Universe, Earth, and Atom: The Story of Physics (Harper and Row, 1969); Physics for the Millions (1964-1968); Ladies' Home Journal Family Medical Guide (Harper and Row, 1973); Venus and Mercury (Franklin Watts, 1972); Lumps, Bumps, and Rashes (Franklin Watts, 1973); Better Homes and Gardens Symptoms Book (1972); Vitamins:  A Concise Guide (Franklin Watts, 1977); Inside the Mayo Clinic (McGraw Hill, 1979); Birth Control (Franklin Watts, 1988); The Arthritis Book (1979); The Complete Book of Colds, Flu, and Other Respiratory Infections (1980); The Complete Heart Book (1978); The Complete Dental Care Book (1980); The Outdoorsman’s Medical Guide; The Sugar Syndrome (Little Brown, 1986); and others. Other non-fiction books are from the "So You Want to Be" series, including: So You Want to be a Doctor (1957); So You Want to be a Scientist; So You Want to be a Nurse (1961); So You Want to be an Engineer (1962); So You Want to be a Physicist (Harper and Row, 1963); So You Want to be a Chemist (1965); So You Want to be an Architect (Harper and Row); and So You Want to be a Lawyer (with William Benjamin Nourse, 1959). Articles by Nourse include condensed versions of "The Intern" for Reader's Digest (1965); "The Changing Role of the Family Doctor" (Saturday Evening Post, 1959); "Abortion: The Doctor's Dilemma" (Ladies' Home Journal, 1966); many health articles for Better Homes and Gardens; and his "Family Doctor" columns in Good Housekeeping magazine, which ran from 1977 to 1990. A teleplay by Nourse titled "Success Story" (1957) is also present. 

Correspondence in the collection is dated from the 1950s to the 1980s and much of it pertains to his books and their publication. Many letters are present between Nourse, literary agents, and publishers, such as his agent Harry Altschuler, publishers Rose Dobbs and George W. Jones, the Chamberlain Press, Harper and Row, Carl D. Brandt of Brandt and Brandt Literary Agents, Better Homes and Gardens, and more.

Printed material includes clippings; tear sheets; and writings from Geoffrey Marks, Nourse's associate. 

Professional material includes a chronology; promotions schedules for books; a complete collection of lecture notes and lab work from Nourse’s medical training at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (1951-1955); and information on Nourse's patient, sculptor Carl Freemason. Numerous subject files are also present, arranged by Nourse by topic.  Most pertain to his books, medical topics, scientific topics, or editorial correspondence. Some subject files contain fan mail and photographs.

Research material includes material used in preparation for Inside the Mayo Clinic.

Legal material includes the literary contracts for Outdoorsman's Medical Guide, The Fourth Horseman, Hormones, The Virus Invaders, Teen's Guide To Staying Alive, and others.

Artwork in the collection consists of original line drawings done by Jerry Jerman for Universe, Earth, and Atom.

Several of Nourse's personal journals are also present.
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