O'Horgan, Tom (1926-2009)
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The Tom O'Horgan collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, professional material, printed material, personal memorabilia, research material, legal material, financial material, film and video, audio, photographs, artwork, notebooks, scrapbooks, and other material. 

Manuscripts include musical scores, stage plays, scripts, screen plays, teleplays, books, short stories, essays, lyrics, poems and other items. Musical scores consist of drafts and final versions written by O'Horgan and by others, including Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, The Immoral Hour, The Temptest, The Plague of Our Time, The Adventure of Friar Tuck, Beauty and the Beast, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Magic Flute, The Holy Ghostly, and many others. Numerous stage plays are present; titles include Around the Greenwood Tree; The American Dream; The Body Builder's Book of Love; The Bundle Man; The Holy Ghostly; Mowgli; The Adventures of Friar Tuck; Aladdin; The Bells; Brave New World; Down and Out in Paris and Maybe London?; A Kiss is Just a Kiss; The Odyssey; Sleeping Beauty; Spring Awakening; The Story of a Soldier; The Threepenny Opera; Twelfth Night; A Wonderful Life; Medea; Fallout; Bones; The Three Musketeers; A Tapestry of Dreams; Comrades and Lovers; Mowgli; Timeworm; Triolus and Cressida; Senator Joe; Babewatch; Faust-A Rock Opera; and others.  Screenplays include Birdbath by O'Horgan and Chester Fox; Roses in Winter by Jan Quackenbush; Eisenhower, Churchill, and Me; Love Will Come; The Offering; Satisfaction; The Woods of Love; and others. Teleplays include The Ballad of Carl Dreyer by Elsa Gress; Donna Summer: Alive and More by Rod Warren; The Loretta Young Show; Memories of the Future: Technical Error by Arthur C. Clarke; and St. Elsewhere: Dr. Claus by Dennis O'Keefe. Book drafts include Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive by Arnie Charnick; Hermes Trismegistus by Adrian Klei; Letting Down My Hair by Lorrie Davis and Rachel Gallaggher; Mozart in Love by Gary Pomeranz; Salamander by Elsa Gress; and Unlocking the Creative Process by Susan Belling. Also present are various lyrics, poems, script fragments, short stories, chapters from books, script synopses, and other manuscripts.

Correspondence in the collection consists of both personal and professional letters, including greeting cards, postcards, and invitations, dating from the 1960s through the 2000s. Correspondents include Harvey Milk, Corrine Broskett, Natalie Mosco, Ben Sahl, the Slater-Taron family, Alki Steriopoulos, Jay Alan Zimmerman, Elsa Gress, Rochelle Owens, Abraham F. Murray, Gip Hoppe, Elmer L. Kline, Judy Charney, Leonard Bernstein, Harris Glenn Milstead, Vladimir Horowitz, and Robert Moog. A large collection of birthday cards from O'Horgan's 80th birthday in 2005 is also included.

Professional material includes head shots; resumes; audition schedules; dialogue shorts for auditions; crew and staff contact lists; press kits; curriculum vitaes; schedules; calendars; memos; proposals; interviews; budget information; blueprints; files of actor's resumes; production calendars; and posters.  Also present are several production files, with material pertaining to Hair, Mowgli, Jesus Christ Superstar, and other productions. Notebooks for productions from 1972 to 1999 are also included. 

Printed material includes posters; magazines; newsletters; review clippings; playbills; pamphlets; flyers; artwork for programs; and other items.  Magazines and newsletters include Sight Lines (1980), Gazette del Sud (1979), Theatre Crafts (1971) and Life magazine (1982).  Posters for O'Horgan's productions include such as Starmania; El Greco; Mowgli; Birdbath; La Mama; and Sgt. Pepper are included; as well as oversized posters for Pink Flamingos: An Exercise in Poor Taste; Masked Men; Senator Joe; La Mama (2000); The New Troupe; The Soldier's Tale; Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band On the Road (1978); Flutz (1964, 1969); El Greco (1993); I Won't Dance (1981); Lenny; and others. Also included are various production files with press material, programs, flyers, and clippings.  Other printed material includes a Harvey Milk campaign poster and flyer; plans for the Round Union Square Theatre in New York City; some production notes; material regarding the renewal of Union Square Park; a flyer for the National March on Washington DC for Gay and Lesbian Rights; various articles after Harvey Milk's assassination; and designs for Harvey Milk memorial plaza.

Research material includes court transcripts regarding Lenny Bruce; a book manuscript for Lenny; and other clippings on Lenny Bruce.

Legal material includes contracts for Lenny (1999), Senator Joe (1991), and Shake That Thing (1998); a collaboration agreement with Jon Stevens; a letter of intent for O'Horgan as the director of "Celebration of Peace"; O'Horgan's passports; partnership agreements for Mowgli and Pop'ra; contracts for New Troupe (1970); Body Builder's Book of Love (1990); Carl Dreyer (1988); and an interview release form from 2002.

Financial material consists of budgets and financial statements (1986-1999); production budgets; appraisals; bills; and tax returns (1970s-2006).

Film and video includes hundreds of DVD and tapes of various documentaries, some TV shows, and O'Horgan productions. Productions include Rhinoceros, Venus' Diary, Around the Greenwood Tree, Blonds do it Best, Jesus Christ Superstar (1996), La Mama, The Magic Flute, Mowgli, and more. Documentaries include Harvey Milk: A Personal View by Photographer Daniel Nicoletta (1999) and Accounting for Taste: Remembering Tom (2009).

Audio recordings includes many open reel tapes, digital files, and audio cassette tapes of music and dialogue for productions; interviews; and musical tracks; numerous cassettes and compact discs for various shows; and compact discs with musical scores.

Photographs in the collection are both personal and professional. Personal photos include images of a cruise from 1996; family photos; youth photos; photos of a 2000 millennium party; and travel photos. Professional and theatre-related photos include contact sheet photos; headshots; resume photos; slide and print files from various productions; photographs from the New York Innovative Theatre Awards in 2006; photos of a workshop and production in Rome; and photos of a street performance regarding the renewal of Union Square Park (New York City, 1989); actors from shows O'Horgan directed; audition photos from shows O'Horgan directed; Hair; The Godsong; Jesus Christ Superstar; Headshots; Rhinoceros, and others. Notable photos include a photo with Fred Rogers in 1985; a photo of Gene Wilder in a production of Rhinoceros in 1974; a photo of the cast of Hair in 1970; a photo of Divine; and a photo of Harvey Milk dressed as a clown.

Artwork includes coloring books, stage production books, drawings, sketches, colored drawings, watercolors for Mowgli, production files of artwork for various shows, blueprints of instruments for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, set designs, costume designs from the 1970s, and more. Artists include Randy Barcero, Perry Arthur Kroeger, Margi Rapp, C. Wright, and Barbara G. Wright.

Notebooks  labeled "The Most Incredible Thing", "Songs of the Invisible Man", "Little Mighty", "Law of the Journal Mowgli Log Book", "Massa and the Stable Boy" and "Brain Project" are in the collection, as well as production notebooks for Catiluga, Fibster, and other various rehearsal notebooks.

Several scrapbooks are present containing various newspaper and magazine clippings and photos regarding different O'Horgan productions.

Other material includes an address and phone book; a pamphlet of memories for O'Horgan from the staff of Serendip LLC; a decorated prop book from The Architect and Emperor of Assyria (1978); an award "Presented to Tom O'Horgan for Outstanding Service as Judge - 14th Annual Talent Search"; a "Sgt. Pepper on the Road" belt; a "Chicago World's Fair" plaque from 1934; tickets to a Carnegie Hall cello recital; textiles for Jesus Christ Superstar; production T-shirts for various plays including Jesus Christ Superstar, La Mama, and Sgt. Pepper; balloons from Hair; a "Thursday night singing group" certificate; an award from the NY Artists Unlimited (2007); a "Perpetual Member of the Franciscan Missionary Union" award; a De Paul University transcript from 1946; genealogy research on the O'Horgan family tree; an Artistic Achievement Award presented to O'Horgan in 2006; an advertisement for the Royal Theatre at Covent Garden from 1825; and other items. 
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