Parker, Mary-Louise (1964- )

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The Mary-Louise Parker collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, professional material, printed material, photographs, memorabilia, film and video, scrapbooks, audio material, legal records, financial material, electronic media, artwork, and medical records.


Manuscripts in the collection include various film scripts, teleplays, and stage play scripts, among other materials. Film scripts include The Importance of Being Earnest (1987); Mr. Wonderful (1992); Naked in New York (1992); Boys on the Side (1993); Reckless (1994); Sugartime (1995); The Five Senses (1998); Proof (1999); Miracle Run (2004), The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008), and RED (2010), among other materials. Teleplays in the collection include episodes from various seasons of Weeds and episodes from The West Wing, among other materials. Stage play scripts include Hedda Gabler and Heisenberg, among other materials.

Correspondence in the collection consists of various personal and professional letters and emails spanning the course of Parker’s acting career, including an admission letters from North Carolina School for the Arts from 1982, several invitation cards, a letter about Parker's Tony award nomination in 1990, fan mail from the 1990s through the 2010s, and various letters regarding Parker’s role as Hedda Gabler, among other materials. Notable correspondents include Giorgio Armani, Alex Baldwin, Philip Berk, Michael Douglas, Whoopi Goldberg, Anthony Hopkins, Eric Jewett, Mandy Moore, Carol Rothman, Aaron Sorkin, and Bruce Willis, among others.

Professional material in the collection includes several resumes for Parker; copies of a filming permit from 2002; files and documents regarding the North Carolina School of Arts; press kits for Weeds; teaching material from Parker’s time as a yoga instructor; crew lists and contact information from productions from 1993 to 2009, including Angels in America, Hedda Gabler, and Weeds; and schedules from various productions including Weeds, RED 2, and The Snow Geese; among other materials.

Printed material in the collection consists of various magazines and newspapers from 1989 to 2013 featuring interviews, photos, and profiles of Parker, including 7 x 7 San Francisco, The Boston Globe, Elle, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, In Style, Newsweek, The New Yorker, New York Post, New York Times, People, Rolling Stone, Theater Week, TV Guide, Show People, Us Weekly, The Washington Post, Variety, and Vogue, among others. 


Also included in printed material are programs for shows in which Parker acted, festivals, and award shows at which she spoke or attended; promotional material, press releases, and invitations to special film screenings; newspaper and magazine clippings from 1989 to 2013; miscellaneous promotional fliers and cards; and posters from Fried Green Tomatoes, Grand Canyon, Hay Fever, Hedda Gabler, Pipe Dream, Prelude to a Kiss and Reckless (signed by cast). The collection also includes items from scrapbooks created to commemorate her career from 1991 to 2002; sheet music, brochures, and booklets all pertaining to Parker’s stage, television, and film work; and In the Weeds, the official companion book to Weeds, among other materials.


Photographs include photographs from various productions including Angels in America, Boys on the Side, Fried Green Tomatoes Hedda Gabler, Prelude to a Kiss, Reckless, and Weeds, among others; images of Parker at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival; photographs of Parker in a publicity shoot for the Actor’s Equity Association; images of Parker at the Emmy Awards and Tony Awards; candid photographs and head shots of Parker; and personal photographs including old family photographs; among other materials.

Memorabilia in the collection includes a signed photograph of Tony Bennett; a framed photograph from Angels in America; a framed storyboard drawing for Portrait of a Lady with a note from Jane Campion; ticket stubs; drawings; nomination certificates for the 2003 Golden Globe Awards and the 2003 Screen Actors Guild Award, both for Parker’s performance in Angels in America; a 2001-2002 Primetime Emmy award for Parker’s contributions to The West Wing; Emmy nominations and awards for Parker’s performance in various productions, including Weeds and The Robber Bride; clothing and props from various productions; and juvenilia from Parker’s childhood, including costumes made by Sage Parker; among other materials.


Film and video includes DVDs, VHS, and video cassettes containing interviews of Parker; movies, including Longtime Companion (1989) and Bullets over Broadway (1994), among others; television shows, including episodes from The West Wing and the first three seasons of Weeds (including the gag reels for season three); and videos of various award shows and charity functions; among other materials.


Scrapbooks consist of collections of photographs, correspondence, website printouts, magazine covers, and interviews, among other materials, pertaining to Parker’s career.


Audio material includes cassette tapes and CDs containing interviews, audio books, radio show excerpts, music from 1990 to 1997, and music related to Weeds and other acting jobs, among other materials.


Legal material includes Parker’s passport from 1990, among other materials. 


The collection also includes miscellaneous financial material, electronic media, artwork, and medical records.

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