Parker, Robert B. (1932-2010) and Joan H. (1933-2013)
The Robert B. and Joan H. Parker collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, audio, video, printed material, professional material, photographs, memorabilia, and other items.

Manuscripts by Robert B. Parker in the collection include drafts of his novels The Godwulf Manuscript (Houghton Mifflin, 1974); Mortal Stakes (Houghton Mifflin, 1975); Promised Land (Houghton Mifflin, 1976); The Judas Goat (Houghton Mifflin, 1978); Three Weeks in Spring, written with Joan Parker (Houghton Mifflin, 1978); Wilderness (Delacorte,  1979); Looking for Rachel Wallace (Delacorte, 1980); Early Autumn (Delacorte, 1981); Ceremony (Delacorte, 1982); The Widening Gyre (Delacorte, 1983); Valediction (Delacorte, 1984); A Catskill Eagle (Delacorte, 1985); Taming a Sea-Horse (Delacorte, 1986); Pale Kings and Princes (Delacorte, 1987); Crimson Joy (Delacorte, 1988); Playmates (Putnam, 1989); Poodle Springs, written with Raymond Chandler (Putnam, 1989); Stardust (Putnam, 1990); Perchance to Dream (Putnam, 1991); Pastime (Putnam, 1991); Double Deuce (Putnam, 1992); Paper Doll (Putnam, 1993); Walking Shadow (Putnam, 1994); Sudden Mischief (Putnam, 1998); Family Honor (Putnam, 1999); Perish Twice (Putnam, 2000); Hugger Mugger (Putnam, 2001); Potshot (Putnam, 2001); Gunman's Rhapsody (Putnam, 2001); Death in Paradise (Putnam, 2001); Stone Cold (Putnam, 2003); Bad Business (Putnam, 2004); Double Play (Putnam, 2004); Cold Service (Putnam, 2005); School Days (Putnam, 2005); Blue Screen (Putnam, 2006); Sea Change (Putnam, 2006); Hundred-Dollar Baby (Putnam, 2006); The Edenville Owls (Philomel Books, 2007); High Profile (Putnam, 2007); Now and Then (Putnam, 2007); Spare Change (Putnam, 2007); Stranger in Paradise (G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2008); and others, including proofs for several novels.  Also present are several teleplays by Robert B. Parker, many co-written with Joan Parker, as well as articles, essays, poems, and other writings by Robert B. Parker.  In addition, the collection includes many screenplays by various other authors, mostly for the Spenser: For Hire television series.

Manuscripts by Joan H. Parker in the collection include a novel fragment (1991); a draft of San Juan Hill (1993); Rage, a stage play written with Robert B. Parker (1989), including a program for a performance by the Road Ensemble of The Blackburn Theater Company, Gloucester, Massachusetts; Walking Shadow, screenplay for a television film, written with Robert B. Parker, based on Robert B. Parker's novel of the same title (A&E, 2001); poems; several teleplays co-written with Robert B. Parker (as noted above); and other writings.

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal and professional letters to and from the Parkers, mostly professional in nature.  Notable correspondents include Stephen King, Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, and Ed Harris.

Audio recordings in the collection consist of "audiobook" versions of several novels by Robert B. Parker; a mini-cassette tape of an interview of Robert B. Parker by Kevin Coupe (includes transcript); an appearance by Robert B. Parker on the Larry King Show (1985); and other recordings.

Video in the collection consists of  a recording of the stage play Rage, written by the Parkers (VHS, 1989); “The Criminal Calendar Featuring Robert B. Parker Mystery Author” (VHS, 2000); an appearance by Robert B. Parker on CBS Sunday Morning (VHS, 2000); an episode of This Amazing House! about the Parkers (VHS, 2003); an appearance by Robert B. Parker on ESPN news (VHS, 2004); an interview with Robert B. Parker (DVD, ca. 2009); and various other interviews and appearances by the Parkers.  Films in the collection include Stone Cold (VHS and DVD, 2005); Jesse Stone: Sea Change (DVD, 2008); and material regarding Small Vices (VHS, 1999) and Appaloosa (VHS, 2008).  Also present is a recording of the Robert B. Parker Memorial event at Boston University (DVD, 2010), as well as several home movies.

Printed material in the collection includes newsletters, newspaper clippings and Internet print-outs regarding Robert B. Parker.  These items include articles and short stories by Parker; reviews of his books; programs for Parker's speaking engagements; articles on the Parkers' private lives; and other writings.

Professional material in the collection includes an itinerary and other material regarding a book tour for Robert B. Parker; press releases; and research material on Kevin Coupe for an article by Robert B. Parker.

Photographs in the collection include several photographs of Robert B. Parker, including images of his childhood, his service in Korea, his family, and as an adult.  Also present are many photos and photo albums regarding Joan H. Parker and other members of the Parker family.  In addition, the collection includes  black and white stills and color slides regarding Spenser: For Hire and Small Vices; notable images include photos of Avery Brooks, Robert Urich, Richard Jaeckel, and Joe Mantegna.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes "The Wanderer," the yearbook for the Center School, Mattapoisett (1946), as well as letters, photos, and juvenilia; Joan H. Parker's passport (1978-1983); Robert B. Parker's Bachelor of Arts diploma from Boston University (1957); a resolution from the Cambridge, Massachusetts City Council declaring May 19, 1986 Robert B. Parker Day, and another resolution thanking Parker for his assistance in their transportation campaign (2001); various handmade and illustrated cards, poems, and signs, made by the Parkers' sons; a certificate given to Joan H. Parker by the Institute for Educational Leadership; and Robert B. Parker’s keyboard, which he used to write his last several books.

Other items in the collection include a framed poster of the Boston Celtics; cardboard cut-outs regarding Spenser and Melancholy Baby; a framed "Spenserian Sonnet" by Robert B. Parker; material regarding the "Spenser Cookbook"; various promotional posters for novels by Robert B. Parker; a scrapbook regarding Rage; and other material.
Notable Figures
1. Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010
2. Parker, Joan H.
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