Pascal, Gabriel (1894-1954)
The Gabriel Pascal collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, legal material, printed material, and other items.

The collection is most notable for having a large number of letters to and from George Bernard Shaw. These letters between Shaw and Pascal indicate the closeness of their friendship, which stemmed from Pascal’s work bringing Shaw’s writings to film. The collection also includes dozens of photographs of Shaw and Pascal that document their mutual friendship.

Correspondence in the collection from George Bernard Shaw to Pascal (dating from 1938 to 1950) consists of over sixty letters, approximately fifty postcards, nineteen telegrams, and approximately twenty compliment cards, envelopes, and miscellaneous items. Correspondence from Shaw to others includes approximately thirty letters to Marjorie Deans, Howard Dietz, Nicholas Schenck, Arturo Toscanini, and others. Correspondence to Shaw from others (dating from 1938 to 1946) includes letters from Louis Buie, Arthur Cox, Ian Dalrymple, Marjorie Deans, Francisco Javier Gaxiola, Paul Koretz, Ivor Mantagu, Nuovo Rinasciamento Films, Pascal’s personal secretary, and others.

Correspondence in the collection from Pascal to Shaw (dating from 1937 to 1950) consists of approximately two hundred items, including letters (typed and handwritten) and telegrams. Correspondence to Pascal from others includes letters from Katherine Cornell, Margo Dayan, Javier Gaxiola, Jr., Jawaharlal Nehru, Frank Orsatti, and others. In addition, the collection includes several pages of transcripts of Pascal correspondence dating 1939-1950, including letters from Shaw and others.

Other correspondence in the collection includes letters to Valerie Delacorte from Thomas Merton and Albert Schweitzer, a letter from Valerie Delacorte to Thomas Merton, and a letter from Warren Berger to George Delacorte.

Manuscripts in the collection consist primarily of writings by George Bernard Shaw regarding the film version of his plays. Titles included are Pygmalion (an early bound script and a hand-inked cover page); Caesar and Cleopatra (sequences and notes); Major Barbara (rehearsal notes and transcript); The Devil’s Disciple (notes for the script); a statement for the beginning of a play, possibly Major Barbara ; and a forward by Shaw regarding Pascal.

Other manuscripts in the collection include drafts of The Name of the Lord, by Thomas Merton; A Christmas Story, by Katherine Anne Porter (Dial, 1967); and The Disciple and His Devil: Gabriel Pascal and Bernard Shaw, by Valerie Pascal (Delacorte) (McGraw-Hill, 1970).

Photographs in the collection consist of approximately two hundred black and white prints, primarily featuring George Bernard Shaw or Pascal. Most of the photos date between 1940 and 1954; some are signed by Shaw or Pascal. Images of film sets include Androcles and the Lion; Pygmalion; Caesar and Cleopatra; The Devil’s Disciple ; and Major Barbara . Images of notable individuals include Ingrid Bergman, Leslie Howard, Paulette Goddard, Rex Harrison, Mary Pickford, Vivian Leigh, the Maharaja of Jaipur, Charlie Chaplin, Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Greer Garson, Deborah Kerr, Sybil Thorndike, Jean Simmons, Ronald Neame, and Robert Morley. Other photographs include several prints of Valerie Pascal Delacorte, from her years as a Hungarian film actress to the 1980s.

Legal material in the collection consists of twelve contracts for plays and films. These include a contract for Saint Joan between G. B. Shaw and Irish Productions, Ltd. (1947); a draft of a contract between Shaw and Pascal (1950); a license for the film rights to The Devil’s Disciple (1951); a contract for the Spanish version of Arms and the Man, signed by Shaw (1955); “Mr. Bernard Shaw’s Plays: Terms and Conditions for Professional Productions”; and a contract between Lerner and Loew and Pascal’s estate regarding Pygmalion and My Fair Lady .

Printed material in the collection includes items about Shaw as well as items saved by Pascal. These items include several files of newspaper clippings saved by Pascal, with several notices of Shaw’s death (Nov. 1950); also present are items regarding Pascal’s death, film reviews, and an obituary for Thomas Merton. Other printed material includes posters for the films Major Barbara and Caesar and Cleopatra ; posters for Langok and The Sirens ; programs and promotional booklets; an issue of The Shaw Bulletin ; and reviews of The Disciple and His Devil (see above).

Other items in the collection include several reels of film, primarily footage of Pascal’s adaptation of Pygmalion ; and artwork, including caricatures, sketches, and a bust of Pascal by the sculptor Jacob Epstein.
Notable Figures
1. Pascal, Gabriel, 1894-1954
2. Shaw, George Bernard, 1856-1950
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