Patterson, Richard North (1947- )
The Richard North Patterson collection consists of manuscripts for novels, printed material, correspondence, research material, professional material, and other items.

Manuscripts by Patterson in the collection include multiple variant drafts of his novels, each extensively edited, corrected, and rewritten. Titles include The Lasko Tangent (Norton, 1979; includes introduction to the book’s 20th anniversary re-issue); The Outside Man (Little, Brown, 1981; includes draft of screenplay version); Escape the Night (Random House, 1983); Private Screening (Villard, 1985); Degree of Guilt (Knopf, 1993); Eyes of a Child (Knopf, 1994); The Final Judgment (Knopf, 1996); Silent Witness (Knopf, 1996); No Safe Place (Knopf, 1998); Not to the Swift (unrealized, ca. 1998); Dark Lady (Ballantine, 2000); Protect and Defend (Knopf, 2000); Balance of Power (Ballantine, 2003); Conviction (Random House, 2005); and Right to Live .

Other manuscripts by Patterson in the collection consist of drafts of articles, reviews, and speeches given by Patterson (1997-2000).

Printed material in the collection includes numerous reviews of and advertisements for Patterson's books, profiles of and interviews with Patterson, and other items (the research material also includes several items).

Publications include People, Entertainment Weekly, San Francisco Chronicle, Time, and Writers Digest .

Correspondence in the collection is primarily professional, and dates from 1984 to 2004. Most of the letters pertain to the editing and publishing of Patterson's books; several letters are with the manuscripts and the research material. Notable correspondents include Barbara Bush, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Edward M. Kennedy.

Research material in the collection consists of extensive files compiled by Patterson for his novels. The files include printed items, articles, papers, notes, photographs, audio recordings, and video cassettes. Subjects include guns, gun control, and capital punishment.

Professional material includes financial records, receipts and letters all pertaining to Patterson’s business and research travel expenses, as well as office expenses, taxes, royalties, phone bills and banking.

Other items in the collection include photographs of Patterson and his family, as well as some personal memorabilia.
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