Pleshette, Suzanne (1937-2008)
The Suzanne Pleshette collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, printed material, professional material, legal and financial material, video, journals, scrapbooks, and personal memorabilia.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of drafts of plays, screenplays, and teleplays for productions in which Pleshette performed. Titles include Arch de Triumph (1980, never completed); The Drakes (possibly unproduced, 1980); Maggie Holden (1980); One Cooks, the Other Doesn't, also called The Denker Revival (1983); Bridges to Cross, television series (1986); and Morgana and Me (unproduced, 1987).

Correspondence in the collection consists of both personal and professional letters. Personal correspondence includes congratulatory letters received by Pleshette regarding her Emmy Award for her acting in the television movie The Queen of Mean (1990).

Professional correspondence includes many letters from the 1980s and 1990s. These include: letters regarding script submissions from the 1980s; items regarding the Orr Production Co. (1992-1993) and the Lawrency Network (1998); the Distinguished Artist Awards (1992); letters regarding the television series Nightingales (1984-1989); and other general letters (1982-1996). Significant groups of letters include correspondence with Bill Blinn (1985), Joanne Brough (1986), Jeff Frelich (1986), and Lee Rich (1985-1986).

Photographs in the collection include both personal and professional images. Personal photos include Pleshette at a wedding. Professional photos consist primarily of stills and photos of various performances, including The Geisha Boy (1958) , Munder and the Android, Cold Wind and the Warm (with Eli Wallach), The Star Maker, The Legend of Valentino (1975, with Franco Nero), Bridges to Cross, Maggie Briggs, Alone in the Neon Jungle (1988), and The Single Guy .

Other photos include various head shots and Pleshette on an unidentified film set.

Printed material in the collection is extensive, and includes many clippings and magazines with profiles of and interviews with Pleshette over the years, as well as some research material. The clippings date from 1968 to the 1990s, and include items regarding The Queen of Mean (especially articles about Leona Helmsley), Nightingales, and the Golden Globe Awards in 1991. Magazines present includes issues of Newsweek, Daily Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Close Up (bound volumes of this newsletter, dated 1923-1926), Le Havre Presse, and U.S. News and World Report .

Other printed items include programs and publicity materials regarding The Miracle Worker; Steve McQueen: King of Cool (1998); and Bridges to Cross, as well as film posters for 40 Pounds of Trouble (1962) and Rome Adventure (1962).

Professional material in the collection consists of files organized and arranged by Pleshette regarding various projects she was involved with. Subjects include the abandoned project Arch de Triumph ; the unproduced television show Maggie Holden ; nearly 80 files from other projects during the 1980s; and several files regarding projects from the 1990s.

Material in the files includes manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, press releases, research items and memorabilia. A majority of these files appear to be TV projects on which Pleshette worked or offers that she received. Also present are many pages of Pleshette’s wardrobe notes for The Queen of Mean .

Legal and financial material in the collection consists of contracts, letters, and other documents regarding the never-made Arch of Triumph (1980-1982).
Video material in the collection consists of several video cassettes of various film and television performances by Pleshette.

Most notable are 26 tapes of Pleshette’s appearances on The Bob Newhart Show, dating from the 1970s, in U-Matic format. Also present are several video cassettes of Pleshette’s appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (1973-1981), in U-Matic and VHS formats.

Journals in the collection consist of five journals kept by Pleshette.

Scrapbooks in the collection include several scrapbooks of clippings regarding Pleshette’s father, Eugene Pleshette; a scrapbook of various items, dated 1961; and material from scrapbook commemorating Pleshette’s wedding to Troy Donahue in 1964.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes plaques awarded to Pleshette for Most Promising New Actress (1962); Number One New Personality (1963); Ten Best Coiffured Women Awards; Youngblood Hawke (1963); and TV Guide; as well as plaques awarded to Eugene Pleshette.

Other awards include certificates for her Golden Globe nomination (1990); from the Los Angeles Country Fire Dept. (2002); and an Animated Film Society certificate for her voice-over work on The Lion King II (1999).

Other memorabilia include the wedding dress Pleshette wore at her wedding to Troy Donahue (1964) and several framed holiday cards and other framed artwork and prints.
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