Prior, Allan (1922-2006)
The Allan Prior collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, personal memorabilia, professional material, legal material, financial material, film and video, audio material, photographs, artwork, electronic media, and scrapbooks.

Manuscripts include books, television scripts, screenplays, stage plays, and some essays and radio scripts.  Many of the book titles in the collection were often later adapted into television shows and screenplays.  Books include: Script to Screen: From Z Cars to the Charmer (Ver Books, 1996); The Old Man and Me Again (Sinclair-Stevenson, 1996); The Operators; Never Been Kissed in the Same Place Twice; Paradiso; Fuhrer; Her Majesty's Hit Man; The Big March; Loving Cup; The Black and the Gold; The Wild Man; The Director; The Contract; Black on Black; The Dictator and the Girl; The Attack; and Joy Ride.  Almost all of the above have been adapted for television. Other scripts include camera and rehearsal scripts for Z-Cars (1972-1973); pre-rehearsal scripts for First Offender and Honch; scripts for Softly, Softly; and manuscript drafts of The Golden Mile Trilogy (1967); I've Got a System; The Girl in the Picture; Girl at Risk; Afternoon Theatre: Pity the Poor Potters; All Coppers are Bastards; Anglo-Saxon Attitudes; An Unimportant Murder; Best Sellers; The Bogeyman; Black on Black; The Charmer; The Chief; Dare; The Defector; Family Business; Gold and Glory; The Golden Days; International Lawyer; The Investigation; King Solomon's Treasure; Manhunt; Moon Strike; The Professionals; A Perfect Hero; Run for the Yellow Trees; The Ten Commandments; Secret Army; Softly, Softly; Task Force; Three Strangers; Mr. Stimpson's Rage; The West Pier; and many more.  Stage plays include A Change of Heart, The Interrogators, the Nightmare series, and One Clue Too Many.  The collection also includes some short stories, essays, radio scripts, sub-files on scripts, and rehearsal scripts, as well as works Prior collected from other writers.

Correspondence is includes personal and professional letters dating from the 1940s to the early 2000s.

Printed material consists of: newspaper clippings regarding various works of Prior's; reviews for books; cover proofs for Theater, Old Man and Me, The Interrogators, Fuhrer, Paradiso, The Old Man and Me Again, Her Majesty's Hit Man, and The Operators; page and bound proofs for various works; magazines and periodicals such as Munchner (1959), Radio Times (1962-1990), Books and Bookmen (1965-1966), The Screenwriter (1962-1965), Writer's Newsletter (1991-1996), The Author (1983-1992), Today (1981), and more; photocopies of various books from the mid-to-late 1800s; newspaper clippings from 1953 to 1992 regarding Prior; articles and flyers regarding Prior (1949-1986); fliers for the "Savage Club House Dinner, Chairman Allan Prior" (1977), "Affair: A Novel by Allan Prior", and "Strathblair" (1992); five mounted black and white prints of various productions; files of printed materials for works including Charmer and The Old Man and Me; and more. All material dates between the 1940s and early 2000s. 

Personal memorabilia includes a pin reading "I’m Helping Wilton’s Music Hall", a visitor’s pass to London Weekend Television in 1990, an office name plate, an artificial flower, a President’s Award, an advertisement for a dinner meeting of the Savage Club where Prior was Chairman, a piece titled "First Story Ever Which Won First Place and Began Career As A Writer", framed artwork from The One-Eyed Monster, a framed Munchner magazine cover, and more. 

Professional material consists of files containing manuscript fragments, correspondence, research, printed matter and contracts, labeled by what work they are regarding. Also included are press releases for The Charmer; miscellaneous production material (call sheets, cast lists, recording schedules, development proposals etc.) for The Campbells, Blackpool, Fuhrer, Z-Cars, and Softly, Softly; a British Library Application for reference material; notes; and agenda books dating from 1950 to 2000.

Legal material includes contracts, memorandums of agreements, legal correspondence, various certificates including a service tag, motor insurance etc., a retirement provision from The Writer's Guild of Great Britain, and more.

Financial material consists of files containing receipts, statements, checks, correspondence, and other items, dating from the 1940s to the 1990s.

Video recordings include cassettes of Bookie's first three episodes; Blake's 7 "Volcano - Dawn of the Gods"; Charmer parts 1 through 6, and The Omedin Line.

Audio material includes tapes for One Eyed Monster acts I and II.

Photographs consist of various professional photos, including head shots, publicity shots, stills from various productions, Z-Cars slides, portraits of Prior, portraits of actors, photos of plays, and numerous telesnaps of TV shows.  Also present are several personal photos.

Artwork includes a drawing of Danielle Dameux and a sketch for One-Eyed Monster.

Several scrapbooks are included. One dates from 1964 to 1966 and includes newspaper clippings and articles by Prior; one dates from 1949 to 1955 with newspaper clippings and articles of reviews of his work; and others are labeled according to which of his works they contain material from (1950s-2000s).
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1. Prior, Allan, 1922-2006
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