Rachlis, Eugene (1920-1986)

The Eugene Rachlis collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, research material, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection include Peter Stuyvesant and His New York, written with Henry J. Kessler (Random, 1959); Story of the United States Coast Guard (Random, 1961); They Came to Kill (Random, 1961); The Epic of Man, adapted by Rachlis from the original version (Golden Press, 1962); The Land Lords, written with John E. Marqusee (Random, 1963); and the article “Lou Harris: The Man Who Measures Your Mind,” published in True magazine (Nov. 1964).


Correspondence in the collection includes letters regarding Rachlis’s books Peter Stuyvesant, Story of the United State Coast Guard, The Land Lords, The Epic of Man, and his article “Lou Harris.”


Research material in the collection includes subject files compiled and arranged by Rachlis.  Topics include skyscrapers, the New York City Housing Authority, France, Florida, and other subjects.  Other material includes research for The Land Lords (including research journals) and “Lou Harris.”


Printed material in the collection includes newspaper and magazine clippings, booklets, reviews of Rachlis’s books, and various periodicals (dating from the 1930s through the 1950s).  Many of these items were used for research purposes.

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