Raine, Norman Reilly (1894-1971)

The Norman Reilly Raine collection includes manuscripts, printed material, photographs, correspondence, and other material.

Manuscripts for screenplays by Raine in the collection include Tugboat Annie (MGM, 1933); God’s Country and the Woman (Warner Bros., 1936); The Gentlemen from Kimberley (unproduced, 1936); The Perfect Specimen (Warner Bros., 1937); Mountain Justice (Warner Bros., 1937); Each Dawn I Die (Warner Bros., 1938); The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (Warner Bros., 1939); The Fighting 69th, written with Fred Niblo, Jr. and Dean Franklin (Warner Bros., 1939); Eagle Squadron (Universal, 1942); We’ve Never Been Licked (Universal, 1942); Ladies Courageous (Universal, 1944); and A Bell for Adano (Twentieth Century-Fox, 1945).  The collection also includes various screenplay outlines, sketches, and notes, including material for Each Dawn I Die, The Fighting 69th, and Captain Kidd (United Artists, 1945).


Other manuscripts by Raine in the collection include drafts of short stories, plays, and a musical.  Also present are several story ideas, notes, plot ideas, sketches, and fragments.  In addition, the collection includes the outline for a short story by James Benson Nablo, dated 1951.


Printed material in the collection includes several stories and non-fiction articles by Raine published in various magazines.  These include Raine’s “Mr. Gallup” stories and his numerous “Tugboat Annie” stories, all of which were published in the Saturday Evening Post.  Other titles include MacLean’s, Adventure, Pearson’s Magazine, The Canadian Magazine, and several others.  Also present are several reviews and publicity items concerning screenplays and other writings by Raine, dating from 1937 to 1976.


Photographs in the collection include eight black and white prints of Raine, including one of him with Jack Warner and Hal Wallis.  Also present are 19 film stills from the film Tugboat Annie Sails Again.


Correspondence in the collection consists of several personal and professional letters, dating from 1928 to 1971.  Notable correspondents include Hal Wallis, Walter Wanger, and Jack Warner.


Other material in the collection includes a travel journal of a trip to Asia; a card index of writings by Raine of items from 1923 to 1935; a typed transcript of correspondence between George Rector Gollum and Beilah Louise Overell while inmates at the Orange County Jail, used as research material; an award from the Motion Picture Relief Fund for Raine (1939); and various contracts and agreements (1931-1963).
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1. Raine, Norman Reilly, 1895-1971
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