Rama Rau, Santha (1923-2009)
The Santha Rama Rau collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, personal memorabilia, professional material, research material, audio material, and photographs.

Manuscripts include plays, books, articles, short works, poetry, short stories, book reviews, speeches, and more.  The most material pertains to A Passage to India, a play adapted from the book by the same name, by Rama Rau. The draft includes reviews and correspondence regarding the work.  Book drafts include Gift of Passage (1962); Food in India; Shanghai; The Adventuress (Harper and Row, 1970); Cooking of India (Time-Life, 1969); Remember the House; An Inheritance; and A Princess Remembers; as well as notes and outlines for a book to be titled Maniba and a "Nehru-Ghandi book". Not all manuscripts are complete, many are fragments and handwritten notes.

Articles by Santha Rama Rau include "India's Gentle Genius" (Life magazine, 1961); "Christmas in the Midday Sun" (House and Garden); "Pacific Adventures" (Vogue, 1963); "What did you want most at 17?" (Seventeen, 1963); "India" (Holiday, 1953); "Nehru" (Holiday); "Well, What Happened Afterward?" (New York Times Book Review, 1964); "Home to India" (Atlantic Monthly and Commonwealth, 1945); "Asian Literature Movement Explained" (Chicago Maroon, 1962); "The Art of Living in India" (Reader's Digest, 1965); "The Problem of Leisure, or Does the Devil Find Work for Idle Hands?" (Reader's Digest); "Chandigarh" (published by the Public Relations Department, Punjab); "Retreat" (Glamour, 1960); "Mrs. Kennedy's Visit to India" (1962); "The Spoon" (Home and Garden, 1962); "Stranded in Kabul" (Harper's); "Love Must be Made Manifest" (1965); "Goa" (Holiday, 1963) and many more.

Articles about Rama Rau and her work include: "Author Stresses Cultural Exchange" (Advance); "Santha Rama Rau Says East-West Societies Understood Through Art" (The Ottawa Journal, 1964); "Woman of Distinction - Santha Rama Rau" (The Bulletin, 1963); "West End to Run Santha Rama Rau's Play" (The Evening Post, 1960) and more, regarding Rama Rau's works and cultural exploration.

Short stories include "The Public Image of Parrots", "The Laughing Dutchman and the Devil-Dancers" (1956), and "Picnic on Corregidor".  

Short works and poetry from Rama Rau's teenage years have been included in the collection, such as "An Evening" (written by Rama Rau at 15), "Debate in the Commons", and "All This Sun" (written by Rama Rau at 16).

Rama Rau wrote reviews of the books Portrait of India; Gods, Demons, and Others; The Lonely African; Children is All; India: A Personal Guide; The Conscience of Asia; and more, and the manuscripts of her reviews and commentary have been collected.

Speeches include a Wellesley College Commencement Address, a speech called "The Family of Woman" given at Brandeis University, and a speech given for Phi Betta Kappa at Mount Holyoake College titled "New Voices from Asia".

Correspondence dates from the 1960s through the 1970s. Some of it is personal, but much is business correspondence, mainly regarding publication. Notable correspondents include Fabion Bowers, Francis Brown, Gerald Fran, Barbara Lawrence, Bob Levin, John Mitchell, Bob Epstein, Arnold Ehrlich, Julian Blaustein, George Weidenfeld, and E.M. Forster. Also included are letters to various magazines, to the Institute for Advanced Studies in Theatre Arts, and to Harper and Row. Personal letters include those to her mother, father, sister, and uncle, as well as friend's comments on her work.

Printed material includes reviews, especially for her play Passage to India; copies of articles from Playbill, Book Find News, The New York Times, House and Garden, and others regarding A Passage to India and My Russian Journey; an Indian play program from a production of A Passage to India with signatures from the cast; reviews for the BBC Television production of A Passage to India (1965); a leaflet for the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Theatre Arts; material and director's reports from the Asia Society (1963); and other items.

Personal memorabilia includes: a Secondary Education Book Award for My Russian Journey (1960); a Brandeis University Book Collections folder with bookplates; a "Leadership for Freedom" award from the Woman's Scholarship Association of Roosevelt University (1962); her college diploma from Wellesley College in 1944; a Bates College honorary Doctor of Letters Degree from 1960; a Brandeis University Women's Committee of Philadelphia presentation of special rare books collection (1962); reports for her son Jai in middle and high school; a certificate of her completion of St. Paul's Girls' School in London in 1939; an address for Russell Sage College; an honorary "Doctor of Humane Letters" Degree from Russell Sage College; various academic hoods; and other material.

Professional material includes subject folders of: reviews, material from the British Broadcasting Corp., talks, programs, and more.

Research material includes correspondence from Dan O'Keefe, Lisel Eisenheimer, Victor Gollancz, Elizabeth Lawrence, and others for a book on Nehru and Ghandi and a book to be titled The Art of Living in India. Also included are folders of newspaper and magazine articles on Nehru and Gandhi, mostly dating from the 1960s but some from as early as the 1890s; notes from the Chief Physician of Aryavaidasala Kattakai in 1966; research on Chandigarh; and research notes on Malabar oil.

Several audio recordings of interviews with Santha Rama Rau are present.

Both personal and professional photos have been included in the collection. Personal photos include those of Rama Rau's family and friends. Professional photos include photos and contact sheet photos taken by Christina Armstrong in 1967 and tele-snaps of the BBC Television Production of A Passage to India in 1965.
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