Revere, Anne (1903-1999)
The Anne Revere collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, printed material, and scrapbooks.

Manuscripts in the collection include scripts for plays in which Revere acted. The scripts present are for I Knock at the Door, by Arnold Perl; Mother Courage and Her Children by Bertolt Brecht; Toys in the Attic by Lillian Hellman; and A True Story by Mark Twain.

Also present in the collection are excerpts from writing by others that Revere used in her one-woman show, performed by her during the 1950s. The show consisted of Revere performing sections from various dramatic works.
Additional manuscripts in the collection are a 1932 handwritten poem written by Revere’s sister Jane Revere and illustrated by her sister Harriette Revere (1932); and a draft of a speech that Revere wrote and presented at Wisconsin University (March 1964).

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal and professional letters to and from Revere. The letters as a whole date from 1935 and 1964 to 1984. Notable correspondents include Patricia Bosworth, Lucinda Ballard, Barbara Corcoran, George Jessel, Edward Kennedy, Nora Sayre, Dalton Trumbo, and Lillian Hellman.

Printed material in the collection includes a group of newspaper articles about Revere from 1964-1979, as well as reviews of Mother Courage from 1964, duplicates of some of the items found in the 1944 scrapbooks, some newspaper material showing Revere’s father, and an item about Revere’s great-grandmother. Also in the collection are two pieces by Revere that appeared in Equity (Dec. 1964) and the Wellesley Alumnae Magazine (May 1966), twelve programs for plays in which Revere appeared (1937-1967), film announcements, a reference item from the New York Times Magazine, and two items (an advertisement and a 1976 review of Scoundrel Time ) pertaining to Lillian Hellman.

There are about one hundred photographs in the collection. There are about 30 portraits of Revere from 1903-1960, several family photos, as well as photos of family pets and homes. Other photographs of Revere and others include photos of the Academy Awards (1943 and 1945), a 1941 Florida trip (1941), and a hospital tour (1945); these images include Van Heflin, Irene Worth, Victor Fleming and Spencer Tracy, Harold Russell, and other entertainers. Also present are photos of fourteen Revere stage appearances, starting with Little Women in 1930 and ending with Romeo and Juliet in 1964; these photos include Revere and a number of well-known castmates. Photographs from Revere's film appearances includes images from fourteen films, from Remember the Day (1941) to Birch Interval (1976). As with the stage photos, the film photographs show Revere with a number of famous co-stars.

Scrapbooks in the collection consist of four scrapbooks compiled by Revere. These contain newsclippings, reviews of plays and movies, programs, photographs, and a telegram from C.T. Revere, Ann’s father. The scrapbooks date 1924-1947, 1944, 1944-1951, and 1950-1970.
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