Rilla, Wolf (1920-2005)
The Wolf Rilla collection consists of manuscripts, journals and diaries, research materials, correspondence, photographs, audio material, legal and financial material, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection include books, screenplays, documentary scripts, and other scripts, as well as unfinished projects.  Books are fiction and nonfiction, and include The Second Life (1930), The Third Life (1939), The Rage of Caliban (1948), A Wreath for Max (1949), The Commitment (1965), The Domain of Power (1965), Games In Winter (1967), A-Z of Movie Making (1970), The Dispensable Man (1973), The Writer and the Screen (1973), The Illusionists (1975), and many others.  Most titles include drafts, outlines, and author’s notes.

Screenplays in the collection include The Long Weekend (1955), The Scamp (1956), Light Blue (1957), It's a Man’s World (1959), The World Ten Times Over (1960), The Domain of Power (1962), Peace (1967), Quarry (1968), and The Condemned (1971).  Also included are documentary scripts for Pictures in Smoke: A Divertisement on Film (1964) and Food and Tomorrow (1974).  

There are various other short works in the collection, including the teleplay scripts for Cinema Verite (1967), Cry Wolf (1970), Law and Order (1970), Death of Fasching (1971), and I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1971); radio scripts for The Trial by Franz Kafka (1949) and Death in Captivity by Michael Gilbert (1966); one stage play titled The Revolutionary (1961); and short stories titled "Are You Rich and Famous?" (1964), "Imbalance or the Principle of Indeterminancy" (1965), and an undated story titled "The Festival Girl."  There are also numerous outlines and proposals for various films and novels.

Journals and diaries in the collection include one journal entitled "Reflections in Perplexity" (1944), one journal titled "Memoirs of a Traveling Man" (1949-1967), notebooks dating from 1944 to 1968, travel journals dating from 1963 to 1971, and diaries dated from 1944 to 1978, not inclusive.

Research material in the collection includes notebooks dated from 1959 to 1971 containing research and notes for Rage of Caliban (1959-1971), Anybody There (1967-1971), Doomwatch (1967-1971), Law and Order (1967-1971), Quarry (1967-1971), I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1967-1971), and The Fantasy Lady (undated).  There is also research regarding "Mexican Project," peace (1968), and notes regarding A-Z of Movie Making (1970) and Walema (1971).

Correspondence in the collection is both personal and professional.  Personal correspondence dates from 1936 to 1981, and includes notables such as Alan Dent, Robin Maugham, Leonard Russell, Rex Warner, Thomas Wiseman, and Rilla's wife Shirley.  Professional correspondence primarily involves publishers, authors, actors, and filmmakers, dates from 1965 to the 1980s, and includes notables such as W.H. Allen, Ivor Burgoyne, Bryan Forbes, Carl Foreman, Intext Press, Jean Liedloff, Christopher Mankiewicz, John McCallum, Morrow and Company, Frederic Mullally, Geoffrey Pinnington, and Roslyn Targ.

Photographs are primarily personal and dated from 1936 to 1950.  There are also photographs used in the film book A-Z of Movie Making (1970).

Audio material includes a tape recording of a speech delivered in Rio de Janeiro during a symposium on Science Fiction in movies, dated 1969.

Legal and financial materials include bound ledgers of accounts from 1959 and 1972, personal accounts and accounts for Rilla Productions dated 1963 to 1965, balance sheets and profit loss accounts for Rilla Productions, Ltd. dated 1966 to 1972, “Bank Book Rilla Productions 1973-1977”, and budget records for The World Ten Times Over (1962) and Quarry (1968-1969).

Printed material includes programs, booklets, transcripts, and proofs regarding various projects.
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