Rockwell, Joan (1918-2002)

The Joan Rockwell collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection include lecture notes and reading lists for a sociology course at the University of Reading. There is also a paper on ethnology and a noted manuscript of Rockwell’s book Fact in Fiction: The Use of Literature in the Systematic Study of Society.

The collection contains a large amount of correspondence between Rockwell and her professional colleagues, friends, and publishers between 1962 and 1988. Notable correspondence includes letters from authors Judith Thurman, Julian Symons, and Brenda Maddox. Also present are two letters from Betty Boothroyd, a member of British parliament.  

Printed material consists of articles, book reviews, and published letters. There are several articles by Rockwell published between 1967 and 1981, particularly one in The Observer. The book reviews include reviews written by Rockwell as well as reviews of her own work, such as a review of Fact in Fiction in The London Times. Published letters by Rockwell are dated from 1975 to 1989 in magazines such as The Guardian and The Herald.

There is also several printed materials pertaining to Evald Tang Kristensen. These include a book proposal titled The Sociology of Ghost Stories: The Ghosts of Evald Tang Kristensen, and multiple articles and reviews regarding Kristensen. 

Notable Figures
1. Rockwell, Joan
2. Kristensen, Evald Tang, 1843-1929.
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