Rodgers, William H. (1913-1997)
The William H. Rodgers Collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, research material, audio material, photographs, diaries, and memorabilia.

Manuscripts primarily consist of drafts of articles and essays written by Rodgers, such as "The Trials of Alger Hiss" (1980), "The Compuls of the Republican Party," "A Jewel in the Crown of a Town," "Charade or Trial: A Skeptic's View," "A Confession Story of Rape and Retribution," and "The Ex-Wife of Bath, or the Wife of Bath Reconsidered," as well as other stories on self-improvement, Queen Anne's County, Devonshire, the Reagan Administration, Andrew Wyeth, and John Peter Zenger. Partial, unpublished drafts of novels and nonfiction books written by Rodgers are also included. 

Printed material includes a copy of "The Trials of Alger Hiss" (1980), as well as other articles written by Rodgers, editorial reprints from The Petal Paper, and a copy of "Call to Stop Hitler" (1940). Also collected is a eulogy by Matthew Stevenson for his grandmother, and photocopies of miscellaneous obituaries and book reviews.

Correspondence dates from 1980-1992, and includes both professional letters to editors and personal correspondence. Notable figures include Alger Hiss, George Seldes, Matthew Stevenson, and William Wise.

Research material consists of articles, news clippings, and book jackets related to Alger Hiss, as well as material about other topics such as regional railroads, Ronald Reagan, IBM, circumcision, racial issues, the West, Alden Whitman, Wye Island, Johnstown, Centreville, and Queen Anne's County.

Audio material consists of cassette tapes dating from 1979-1987 of Rodgers' interviews with Joseph L. Rauh, Alger Hiss, Bill Reuben, and Donald Hiss, as well as an Amtrak interview.

Photographs include a photo taken by Alger Hiss of Rodgers with Matthew Stevenson, as well as photographs of Centreville, IBM, and Thomas J. Watson.

Diaries consist of three diaries from 1945, 1957, and 1958.

Memorabilia in the collection consists of a scrapbook and Rodgers' divorce papers.
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