Rogoff, Gordon (1931- )
The Gordon Rogoff collection consists of chronological files, manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, photographs, professional material, juvenilia, notebooks, and audio.

Chronological files in the collection date from 1962 to 1998.  These files contain drafts of manuscripts and printed material. The files beginning in March 1986 contain Rogoff’s reviews from The Village Voice.  These files conclude with 1990.  Topics include A Doll's House; Drama 266 (class); Angels in America; Devils in the Wings; Theater Without Programs; unpublished manuscripts; and others. 

Manuscripts in the collection consist of drafts related to Rogoff's books, essays, and criticism, including: four plays by Rogoff and Stanley Reid; a copy of Rogoff's dissertation for Yale University, Sean O'Casey and the Search for Fulfillment (April 1952); bound copies of his college papers (1950-1951); early essays by Rogoff; seventy-five college essays by Rogoff written for literature and English classes, as well as eight poems, similarly written for English courses; proofs and articles from In the Wake of the Juggernaut: Theater Criticism 1962-1986; proofs of Theatre is not Safe, 1962-1986; "Emotional Weather: Notes on Alan Berg's Theatre" (published in Parnassus: Poetry in Review); "British Play Writing: Cause Without a Rebel" (published in Encore); "Up Front" (published in Theater Volume 37, Number 2; 2007); "Verdi's Cosmic Jokes" (published in Parnassus: Poetry in Review); notes and revisions for Lee Strasberg: Burning Ice (1964); and other items.  In addition to writings by Rogoff, the collection includes a number of scripts and essays by other authors.

Correspondence in the collection dates from the 1940s through 2003.  Many of the letters concern various financial matters.  Notable correspondents include Eric Bentley, Sean O'Casey, Peter O'Toole, Sam Wanamaker, and Robert Wilson.   Other correspondence includes several letters concerning Encore magazine (1956-1959), which Rogoff co-founded; letters from Rogoff to his parents (1920s–1960s); letters from students and others (1934-1949); and "Observation Reports From Supervisors" (1939-1955) which include letters to and from Rogoff.  Correspondence arranged into subjects by Rogoff include letters regarding the Ronnie Gilbert/Old Times Open Theatre Ellen O'Malley Camps (1993-2002); Edinburgh International Festival (1963); John Gielgud (1993-2002); Exiles Theatre (1993-1995); Vanishing Acts (1957-2002); and Bertolt Brecht (1976-1994).   

Printed material in the collection includes periodicals; newspaper clippings (1960-1985); reviews of Theatre Is Not Safe (1989); proofs of articles from Encore (1956-1959); and articles from The Village Voice, Saturday Review, and American Theatre.  Programs include items from The Edinburgh International Festival (1963); Bride of Shakespeare Heaven (1975); Berkshire Theatre Festival (1969), Timon's Beach (1969); Berkshire Theatre Festival (1969), and Hunger and Thirst.  There are fliers for Shakespeare Heaven and Son of Shakespeare Heaven; Woyzeck (1973); Eric Bentley in a Reading of His New Gay Play; and An April Orgy of the Theatre Energy.  Posters for performances directed by Gordon Rogoff include Old Timers' Sexual Symphony and Other Notes; Cosmicomics/Torrents of Spring; A Doll's House (1987); Baal; "Sexuality, Knowledge and Theatre: A Public Symposium"; Candida (1988); and The Hostage (1987).  Also present are theater programs dating from 1917 to 2003; and clippings and journals on theater and art (1924-2008).

Photographs in the collection consist of numerous black and white prints of Rogoff's family; head shots of Gordon Rogoff; and multiple prints of property in Italy. 

There are files of professional material in the collection includes items regarding Ariana Mnouchkin; Baal; various drama class papers; directing notes; Rogoff production photographs; pieces omitted from Vanishing Acts; the Creative Artists Public Service program; letters of recommendation for students; class lists; syllabi; schedules; and grading information. 

Juvenilia includes two yearbooks from New Utrecht High School (1936); examples of Rogoff's schoolwork; report cards; drawings and greeting cards made by Rogoff; and a class photo poster from The Lincoln School seventh and eighth grade. 

There are notebooks from Rogoff's studies at Yale and Harvard Universities; and a spiral bound notebook, "Japan 1985: Notes Taken at a Theatre Performance" (1985).

Audio material in the collection includes a reel-to-reel tape of Cosmicomics (March 1972). 
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