Ross, Donald H. (1942-2018)
The Donald H. Ross Collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, professional material, audio material, photographs, and memorabilia.

Manuscripts include teleplays for the dramas Murder, She Wrote (1986-1990), Hart to Hart (1980), Matlock (1986), Magistrate's Court (1968-1969), Pal-I-Mony-O-Mine (1982), and Hollywood Detective (1990); the comedies Diff'rent Strokes (1980), House Calls (1980), Love Boat: Programmed For Love (1982), and Nobody's Perfect (1979); the variety show and specials The Dinah Show (1974), Love from A to Z (1973), Special London Bridge Special (1972), This is Tom Jones (1970), and Timex All-Star Swing Festival (1972); as well as the stage plays Cover Story (1998), The Gift Horse (1999), I Want Cocoanuts (1969), Matinee Ladies (2003), Ring-A-Levio (1972), and Shoot Anything with Hair that Moves (1969), and the screenplay for Hamburger, the Motion Picture (1985).

Printed material consists of ads and newspaper clippings about Ross's various teleplays and stage plays, as well as programs for Timex All-Star Swing Festival (1972), Cover Story (1998), I Want Cocoanuts (1970), Matinee Ladies (2003), Ring-A-Levio (1972), Shoot Anything with Hair that Moves (1969), Noon Wine (1961), Arms and the Man (1962), and the 1994 TV Academy Tribute Night to Hart to Hart.

Correspondence dates from 1964-2004, and consists of notes from fans, professional correspondence on Ross's writing career, and letters sent by Ross to various newspapers. Notable figures include Paul Alter, Orson Bean, Anna Brando, Barbara Carroll, Alexander Cohen, Bob Costas, Billy Crystal, Kenny Davern, Buzzy Drootin, Leonard Feather, Bonnie Franklin, Mariette Hartley, Conrad Janis, Jane Kean, Barbara Lea, Dan Petrie, Vin Scully, Artie Shaw, Eugene Stavis, Louise Tobin, Lily Tomlin, and Robert Wagner.

Professional material includes the production documents for Hart to Hart (1982), Hamburger, the Motion Picture (1985), Murder, She Wrote (1990), The Dinah Show (1974), This is Tom Jones (1970-1971), and Timex All-Star Swing Festival (1972), as well as a 1982 NAACP Image Nomination certificate for Pal-I-Mony-O-Mine, a 1995 demographics study by CBS, an Emmy Award certificate from 1974-1975, and a 1974 Emmy ballot.

Audio material consists of David Frye and “The Hexorcist” records dating from 1969-1974.

Photographs include a photo from the Hart to Hart episode “Deep in the Heart of Dixieland” (1982), as well as an autographed photo of the Glenn Miller Band from 1974.

Memorabilia includes a 1961 Drama Club ad, and a 1987 baseball card.
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