Russell, Anna (1911-2006)

The Anna Russell collection consists of manuscripts, photographs, recordings, personal memorabilia, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of scripts, scores, and notes for many of Russell’s projects. These include scores of songs on several of her albums, most notably from Anna Russell Sings! Again? (1953). A manuscript for Russell’s 1985 autobiography, I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, is also present. There are also manuscript materials for incomplete or halted projects, such as a Perry Mason episode that she ultimately did not appear on. Also included are ideas for sketches and characters and a small diary from 1953.  

Photographs in the collection feature Russell with other members of the music and entertainment industry, such as the Deep River Boys, Dick Cavett, and Raymond Burr. There are also some publicity photos of Russell.

Recordings in the collection consist of 35 cassette tapes of Russell’s performances. The tapes contain recordings of various live performances, such as performances of “‘The Ring of the Nibelungs’ (An Analysis)” and “How to Write Your Own Gilbert and Sullivan Opera.” There are also recordings of rehearsals, book readings, and radio interviews. Recordings dates from her first major tour in 1952 to her farewell tours in the 1980s.

Personal memorabilia in the collection consist of props and costumes used in Russell’s performances, including a mask from “Hamletto,” a feather boa, and a pink evening dress. There are also multiple honors and awards that she received.

Printed material in the collection includes clippings and reviews, promotional material and event programs. The programs detail the title of the performance, the date and location, and occasionally the set list.

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