Ruzicka, Rudolph (1883-1978)

The Rudolf Ruzicka collection consists of artwork, printed material, and correspondence.

Artwork in the collection includes prints, etchings, lithographs, and drawings. Prints include a reproduction of the woodcut, “Harrison Gray Otis House” (1927). Also included are reproductions of Merrymount Press’s New Year’s greeting cards, which display some of Ruzicka’s woodcuts. These include “A View of Gore Hall” (1917), “A View of Walden Pond” (1926), “A View of Some Old Gardens, Beacon Hill, Boston” (1930), “A View of Lowell House, Harvard University” (1931), “A View of Fort Independence on Castle Island, Boston Harbor” (1932), “Saint Stephen’s Church on Hanover Street, Boston, Looking East from ‘The Prado’” (1936), and “A View of Gore Place, Waltham, Massachusetts” (1938). Etchings and lithographs are signed and include “Coal barges at Allen Point,” “Hastings on Hudson,” “Old West Church Boston,” and “On the Campagna.” Drawings include a charcoal drawing from 1925 titled “St. Martin-in-the-Fields.” Also included is a framed reproduction of “A View of Minot Light” (1941).

Printed material in the collection includes pamphlets, proofs, and magazines. Pamphlets include exhibition catalogues for exhibitions displaying Ruzicka’s work. Exhibitions date from 1917 to 1948, at organizations such as the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Anderson Galleries, the Grolier Club, and the Newark Museum Association. Proofs are included for many of Ruzicka’s woodcuts, dating 1900 to 1928. Magazines in the collection include a 1943 issue of Reader’s Digest.

Correspondence in the collection dates 1915 to 1959 and includes mostly professional correspondence, often with proofs enclosed. 

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1. Ruzicka, Rudolph, 1883-1978
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