Sack, John (1930-2004)
The John Sack collection includes manuscripts, printed materials, correspondence, research materials, professional materials, financial materials, legal materials, notebooks, photographs, audio materials, video materials.

Manuscripts include drafts of Sack's novels, such as M (1967); Lieutenant Calley: His Own Story (1971); An Eye for an Eye (1993); Company C: The Real War in Iraq (1995); The Dragonhead: A True Story of the Godfather of Chinese Crime—His Rise and Fall (2001); and fragments of drafts for Fingerprints (1983). Drafts of television treatments include "The All-American Astronaut;" "The Billionaire Boys Club;" "Trial and Error;" and more. Also included are various movie and television scripts.

Collected printed materials include copies of Esquire, California, Seven Days, Journal of Historical Review, Vierteljahreshefte Fur Freie, and Geschichtsfurschung; newspaper and magazine articles dating 1952 to 1999; and a program for "Fall Book and Author Luncheon" (1971).

Correspondence dates from approximately 1983 to 2002, is both personal and professional, and arranged into subject files by Sack. Notable subjects include "Ross Becker," "Greg Critser," "Andy Olstein: Letters," and many more.

Research materials consist of files titled by Sack and are comprised of various notes and printed materials. Subjects include Bosnia, BBC, Company C, various poems by Sack, acting, rejected story ideas, astrological constellations, zombies, and more.

Professional materials include subject files titled by Sack and cover wide variety of topics such as war, the military, the environment, An Eye for an Eye, the Holocaust, insanity, Timothy McVeigh, Playboy, radio, and journalism, among many others.

Collected legal materials are organized by subject files titled by Sack. Topics include book contracts, BBC contracts, TV contracts, David Hirshey, Al Gore, and more.

Financial materials are similarly arranged into subjects such as bankruptcy law, income, expenses, and taxes.

Other items include notebooks titled by Sack, such as "Primal," "Lola," "BBC," "Bosnia," and more; photographs of Sack and of Vietnam taken by Sack; audio cassette tapes including a promo for Company C; and videotapes of U.S productions of KNXT.
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