Sahgal, Nayantara (1927- )
The Nayantara Sahgal collection includes manuscripts, printed materials, correspondence, photographs, personal memorabilia, and one notebook.

Manuscripts include drafts of novels by Sahgal such as A Time to Be Happy (1963); This Time of Morning (1965); Storm in Chandigarh (1969); The Day in Shadow (1971); Indira Gandhi: Her Emergence and Style (1978); Plans for Departure (1985); and Rich Like Us (1985).

Printed materials include various magazines in which works by Sahgal appear. Articles by Sahgal include "The Spirit of India" (1953); "The Girl in the Bookshop" (1973); "The Relationship" (1973); "The Woman in India: A Historical Perspective" (1974); "Reflections on the Birth of a Nation" (1976); "When I Was Young" (1975); "A Personal Memoir" (1997); and more. Short stories by Sahgal include "Martand" (1977); "Earthly Love;" and "Crucify Me;" among others. Various newspaper clippings and books reviews of books by Sahgal are also included.

Collected correspondence dates from approximately 1944 to 1990. Notable correspondents include Robert Goheen, Harold Pinter, Satyajit Ray, and Vijay Sahgal (Madame Pandit).

Other items include some photographs; papers, tests, and notes from Wellesley College; Sahgal’s appointment to UN Delegation (1978); various appointment books (1985 to 1994); and one notebook regarding "The Myth Reincarnated."
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