Sand, Froma (1910-1998)
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The Froma Sand collection includes manuscripts, printed materials, correspondence, and other materials.

Manuscripts include drafts of novels, outlines of novels, and essays by Sand. Novels include Pagan Tapestry (1939); Breakwater (1941); My Son Africa (1965); The Daughters of Longing (1968); The Gods Arrive (1971); Man for Sale (unpublished); and The Naked Exchange (unpublished). Outlines for proposed novels include The Congo Mirror; In the Middle of the Street; Prisoner’s Eye View; and more. Drafts for plays include "Fox Farm Follies;" "Diary of a Divorcee;" "Man in the Chair;" "Yogi Is Good for You;" and "The White Slave." Drafts of essays include "Purim;" "Brand-New Neurosis;" "Love Is No Coward;" and more.  Also included are unsold ideas for motion pictures, plays, and television programs.

Printed materials include a copy of The Griffin (1940) and The Magazine of Modern Sex (1965); scrapbooks including reviews of Sand’s work, such as reviews for her production of "The Sun Never Sets;" as well as posters and programs of Sand’s productions in Johannesburg and Durban.

Correspondence dates from approximately 1929 to 1970 and is primarily between Sand and publishers, agents, and movie producers. Notables include William Abingdon, Charles D. Champlin, Nigel Dennis, Arlene Donovan, and Mark Jaffe.

Other items include photographs of Sand, family, friends, and writing associates; a tape entitled "Words to a future biographer" by Sand; a list of people who knew Sand; and diaries.
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1. Sand, Froma
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